Secret ballot and media control contradicts

Many governments around the world claim to be democratic. In this system a person votes for a leader in a periodic manner and his ballot is kept secret. Well voting is a form of expression of opinion and one is allowed to be anonymous. Well, fair enough. If that can be anonymous, then why come governments around th world want to control and know who expressed what opinion on other forms of media?

Like say governments want news channels and print media should be registered. Gatherings like groups and clubs must be registered, parties must be registered. Governments are trying to take control of the internet so that they can track exactly who does what. These type of tracking systems are said to be highly active in USA, Western world, India, China, Russia and other countries. Already all our telephones and SMSes are tracked. And none encourages citizen powered internet (where you can hook up your computer with 5 -10 neighbors and the chain goes on and on).

Governments, banks and corporates are shell shocked by technology that allow anonymous file sharing like torrents and anonymous currency like bitcoin. Why is expression of vote is kept so anonymous? I don’t understand. If its said that government can persecute the one who has not voted for them, then why can’t it persecute people speaking against it if its anonymity is lost.

Advantage of non anonymous voting

There is one big advantage of non anonymous voting, that is one will be able to change his vote when ever one wants. Since the vote is no more secret, one can use an electronic terminal like his cell phone and change his vote from the leader of his choice now to another person. This kind of dynamic democracy will terrify governments that want to stay in power and make them more listen to people than wealthy tycoons.

Advantage of anonymous media

The advantage of anonymous media is that one cannot know who wrote an piece of article, created a work of art (though one can see the actors faces in a revolutionary movie and get hold of its directors) . By that way freedom of expression becomes more. One can understand the mood of the country well. Media will be de-controlled and will not be owned by just few business and political groups. If some one wants to pay for news, he will pay the popular channel, but there will be too much competition and hence chance for truth bubbling up will be high .

I feel that media should be made anonymous and voting should be made non-anonymous so dynamic democracy could come into effect.

Dignity in software industry?

‘you are not an engineer’ , these were the words that rang through my mind all the time in the past few days as I tried to see the truth and false in this statement. To think more and more about it made me more inefficient as I was unable to concentrate on my job. I studied engineering under a very crap college called Panimalar Engineering. It has excellent infrastructure, but had very crap rules. Girls and boys weren’t allowed to talk. There were almost no freedom to take voluntary breaks and so on. Yet I withstood it because to learn how electronic stuff worked. It was a mystery to me.

I passed out, without cheating, and I loved the subject. To face such acquisition, that too from a person I respected shocked me. It made me wonder if there is any dignity for any one working in the software industry? Or are we coders mere coolies in this multi billion trade?

I worked in another company that produces learning stuff. There I was summoned into  a room by one of its directors and I was told that I hadn’t done any work for a month. It stunned me. I was in that company for just three months and this guys accuses me of me doing nothing for one third of my time? In another two days I left. After a week, I got call from my colleague who said the same director accused him of not working for one and a half years. That was his entire tenure in the company and I heard similar stories. That guy was in almost tears when he narrated. He had just got an home, need to pay the loans, his kid was starting to goto school and all of a sudden he felt economic insecurity.

When I was in an industrial automation company, one of its co-founder told me and my team that we knew nothing about computers. We burst into laughter knowing that it was he who knew nothing, and in coming months he made sure that our team was disbanded, a “yes boss” person was promoted just to humiliate me.

These are just my first hand stories. there are plenty of others who have faced humiliation and are still coding so that they can make ends meet. Its time for you to think about entering software industry. Software is pure, coding is great to do, but when its industrialized, money is got in, people who crave to it start to bend for it and you loose the purity, its then where sewer starts to leak into the Ganga. Just like that stinking river is our software industry now, mostly controlled by hungry foxes and jackals.

You don’t need to be in an industry to code. If you truly love coding, you can start writing any software along with your friends and can share it with the world to appreciate the art. Such free and unshackled code we see now, are overtaking those done in the dungeons created by others.

Modi Govt Behaving Like a Banana Government

M.K.Gandhi, an Indian pacifist, killed by Hindu extremist group in India

Today Morning, in papers, saw the news on transfer of a Governor of Maharashtra to Mizoram. The insulted governor  resigned to preserve the dignity of his office. People elected Modi to give good governance. Its okay that if some one is pulled off from the post of Governor if he has some case pending on him or if he is a criminal, but just targeting the governors appointed by congress is not good politics.

The BJP has a history of behaving like monkeys. they did this expedition to this Babri masjid under the governance of Advani and they ended up demolishing it. There was a huge massacre of Muslims when our Priminster Modi ruled Gujrat and justice had not been served (I differentiate law and justice here). The RSS was banned as extremist outfit under Indira’s rule. Hindu groups having connection with them (friends of friends of friends may be) murdered Mahatma Gandhi. These people can’t control themselves. No wonder the Aam Admi Party is calling BJP the Taliban BJP.

The people must remember that they have given Modi the rule to bring economic and Industrial development. India must become strong like China, but must respect environment and human rights. We never voted them to play this monkey thing. Modi must make sure that his government is a mature one. Modi can claim victory over himself, if he from now on can behave like a gentleman like Manmohan (minus the tolerance to corruption).

Freedom of expression banned in India

Today news is filled in India with a ban on movie that portrays assassination of our former Priminister Indira Gandhi and portraying the assassins as hero’s. Well, when will this bloody nation will learn to respect the freedom of expression? If some one is really hurt and want to kill some body, what can be done about it?

Yes the Pakistanis stirred the Sikhs, which led to Sikh terrorism in India, and Indira Gandhi rightfully quelled them with a iron fist. This must have led to hurting of sentiments of many Sikhs and they intruded her security ring and killed her. Now why should the nation know just the political version of the story? Why can’t we know the story from the assassins side and side for ourselves which is right or wrong? Aren’t we adults?

To say it really frank, even if some corrupt political leaders in India are killed, possibly people won’t mind. Movies that show killing of politicians and portraying the characters as hero’s exist, why not ban them? Politicians are not God, they are one of the most corrupt class on this planet, why not have movies against them? Why isn’t an artists and directors in  a free nation can’t express one views freely?

India must change its status from free democracy to shackled democracy. This is truly not right way to become a better society.

The art of Project Management – In Software Firm

Most successful war lords like Alexander understood battles so well because they fought in it (till the last one).

All my professional life has gone in writing software, from tiny microchips to Industrial computers, I have touched them. I am very much proud to say that almost none who worked under me had hated me, or possibly even thought any thing bad about me. There is one simple answer for this: I have never been  a bozo like an MBA guy or a management guy. Let me explain what management guys do.

Not long ago, a guy walked into our office and wished us happy independence day, then all of a sudden he said we all must work on the Independence day. The first thing that struck me was, work on that day was kinda illegal. Only certain industries are permitted to work, I don’t think software industry can work on that day. Immediately after he left employees were breathing on my neck. One guy said all in his room had gone to their natives, another guy had booked tickets and was demanding the company to settle it. Their distress was visible. Then by some miracle my boss declared a holiday after I expressed employees distress. If we had office on independence day, I am sure, some thing very bad will crop up in peoples mind.

We work in hi-tech industry. Some how management people are bloody low tech. For them the peak of technology is sending emails, and opening up a spread sheet, and now possibly playing angry birds on their mobile. They certainly do not have any idea what algorithms are, what code optimization is, how much thought goes in creating a computer code. In short they are bozos in our domain. But they are good at one thing we are not good at, that is manipulating people and getting money from them. We tech people simply stick to truth  and are very bad at it.

I see this trend, even among my friends who goto management, they simply seems to forget their programming roots. Looks like they escape to management because they like to work hard and long in a stupid way rather than work short and bright way. But being bright is challenging, the brain drains lot of energy, thus people feel difficult to think and rather feel comfortable to be like goats that do something in very repetitive, well defined and successful fashion.

So what this has got to do with project management. Well as a project manager, though you are on management side, you have to keep telling yourself that you are a tech bozo, this will humble you, differentiating you from rest of the management guys. Get involved in coding, see how difficult it is, then you will start to respect your employees rather than demand them. Try to solve their problems, demanding is a very easy thing, even a pig would demand for food. If the Russian Czars  understood their peoples problems, they wouldn’t have suffered their terminal fate. Remember in software Industry people are important. Even if they are not, being a human you must respect them.

All I do to people working under me is this:

  • I don’t demand then
  • I solve their problems
  • Give them time to think
  • Shield the pressure from management (ultra important)
  • Keep them happy as much as I can

And I am very much proud of my record. People “un-controlled” by me excel in skill. Teams under me have done miracles if I shielded them from the bozos. Just remember what happened at Xerox PARC since it was shielded from Xerox head office in the east coast.