Deteoriating law and order in Sithalapakkam

Law and order in Sithalapakkam has reached a very low as I am concerned. I heard a thing that shocked me today. The KVB bank manager Mr. Prem Kumar was locking up his bank and reversing his bike, when its wheel touched the foot of a young lad who was standing on the way. Mr. Prem asked sorry, the lad  and his friends responded by asking who are you to ask sorry or something of the sort and trashed him.

Weather they planed to get the bank keys and loot or what is unknown. Or is it due to high concentration of alcohol shops around this region, who knows? Its said that the guys who trashed him have been caught. Never such violence has happened here, where an innocent man was trashed for no reason.  Its said that those people are from near by Chemmencherry which consists of slum settlers displaced from Chennai. They traditionally break the law or to be clear they simply don’t recognize law.

Its sad that Sithalapakkam that mostly consists of white collar workers (who indulge in white collar crime like tax fraud) have to confront with these petty criminals who deal with low amounts, mostly rowdyism and occasionally murder. I also came to know that once my mum noticed a guy trying to scale our compound wall a month ago, while she shouted for help he ran away.

With these kind of people who resolve to violence for nothing  coming into Sithalapakkam, even occasional stroll at night will become something to think of. Letting a child or older people walk on street is kind of unthinkable and no one know when his or her home will be broken into and they possibly murdered for these thugs quest to gain easy access to money.

A police station in Sithalapakkam will do good even if the police indulge in maamuling (a process of getting routine bribes and freebies) shops. At least people can feel safe. But how long will it take to have a police station? India has high police to people ratio, yet most of the force is used to protect political leaders and the common man is forgotten.

We at Sithalapakkam are seeing our water been stolen by commercial tankers everyday, possibly one day we will get used to regular theft and occasional murder then and there. Perhaps thats the destiny of Indian people, the fruit of a corrupt democracy.

The Rise of China

Today saw in papers that China has started Asian, and rightly India became an member too. This bank is crucial for the world Economy, this will weaken the dollar and will promote exports from USA thus increasing the jobs there. Its time for the world to become multi-polar,  unfortunately the Russians are too weak, USA has set up traps all around them, the latest being Ukraine and Russia is struggling. I hope India remembers all the help that USSR and Russia did during its mighty years and we must help the Russians as much as possible.

Trade between Russia and China, and China and India must grow. We simply can’t keep relying on the west for everything. We must realize just like India, USA is not a free country, its controlled by a thousand Tycoons upon which its economy depends on, but people in both these nations don’t really know about it and think they enjoy flawless democracy. In China people simply know that they are controlled by business and government mingled together and they must be aware that they are slaves. Thats the major difference between the democratic and socialist world.

USA is trying to lay traps around China, Hong Kong and demand for democracy is one. USA has failed to export peace and democracy to Vietnam, Afganistan, Iraq. It has ridiculed Iran and Hamas though they do have democracy. In short if some one is not willing to do business with USA, they are evil and undemocratic.

China and USA have a common history. USA until recently thrived on  black slaves, China thrives on by making its own people slaves. USA occupied territories from many Indian tribes from its east coast in Atlantic to the Pacific in west. China conducted atrocities against Tibet, religious believers, mainly Muslims in its western provinces and occupied their territories. USA went against India, made friendship with Pakistan and is now repenting for it, China has made friendship with Pakistan and will repent when its Muslims indulge in terrorism soon.

One thing however China leads over USA. That is much of the USA’s intellect seems to be from migrant workers, for example thousands of people that travel there to make out a living, but on the other hand China seems to able to grow its own intellectuals and is able to provide a platform for them thrive in its own nations. That’s some thing India has failed to do, where even tiny nation like Japan and South Korea has succeeded well. China seem to have an ability to have a disciplined population that can grow intellect of its own than depend on migrants, thats an advantage and that should envy USA the most.

Any way congratulation China to have become the Worlds largest economy.

The rise of Duck Duck Go

Google started with an ambition of becoming the worlds best search engine, but now its faulting. Try downloading a torrent for a book from internet, if you ask Google it will show only results from Amazon (and thats not torrent). It looks like Google has tie ups with Amazon and is promoting Amazon results than others.

People who do power search are fed up with Google. Apart from showing favorable results, Google tracks everything you do. It wants to know what you type  in your documents, personal blogs, what you speak with your girlfriend, who your family and friends are, what places you visit. By giving you its service for free, Google wants you to be a thing to which people can sell their products. That sucks.

To make matters worst, if you talk against your country and if your country is bad one like USA, India, China or a Taliban ruled state or something, its well known that Google gives your data to your rulers without your consent. Google is no more “don’t be evil” , Google is now mega evil.

Fortunately there are good enough search engines. I tried to search for a book which I know was free, and tried to download it, I searched in Google and it did not show the results it showed me 6 moths ago. Then I tried to search it on and I got it in  an instant. Most of my friends are reporting the same thing, results now in Duck Duck Go is so better that they are switching to it. Perhaps Google is just limiting itself to favorite few searches and no longer bothers about power users.

I think Google is in its old days. The days when the company was governed by tech people seems to be over, now its been controlled by hard core management guys, and that means they look for stock price raise and profit than benefit for humanity. I strongly feel its time for the world to phase out this no longer valid search engine and switch to

Nityananda and Windows 10

There is a swamiji in India called Nityananda. He preached austerity, all of a sudden he had a rubbing with a big political family in Tamilnadu and they published a secret video clip of him having affair with an actress on their television network. Publishing ones bedroom scene without the peoples approval is very indecent act, we Tamilians would have more glued our eyes to T.V if they have published Sunnyleons clip, but any way the swamijis austerity was broken.

Though it was broken, people like goats, without any thought, filled with stupidity till the hilt followed him, just like the followers of Microsoft Windows. Microsoft windows sucks, just because it costs it does not mean its superior! Microsoft wants Windows to sell, no matter how stupid it is, so that to create psychological effect of Windows has gone up in tech by bumping up the version number from 8 to 10. Because if they make this windows 9, people will think ‘ya this one is another failed release like Windows 8 just to fill in M$’s pockets’.

But one good thing about Windows users is that they are not utterly stupid like the Mac ones, but they all love to become more stupid by owning a Mac.

Huge huge setback to anti-corruption

Indian Judicial system has let out Jayalalitha (the corrupt as of now) out on bail.

I am shocked that Queen of corruption, our former Chief Minister Jayalalitha is released in bail. Out of Jail, she can indulge in activities that will make witnesses overturn statements thus make her free herself from be convicted of corruption.

Today is also a rejoicing day for our political class, they now know that no matter how much you loot, there will be a heard of sheep’s putting you in political stardom, and making you look equivalent to God.

Looks like no politician likes India and Indians. Looks like they will stick to political parties that will help them loot. When leaders of parties are declared as criminals, they would say justice is skewed, indulge in criminal activities like damaging private property. Eventually if their leader is released in bail, they will behave as though their leader is totally freed of all charges.

Should a nation with such idiots survive? I think we are going to crumble like Taliban occupied Afghanistan. If state is crap, even the central govt is crap too. I read in paper today that our union government won’t pursue those who have locked wealth of this nation as black money in banks abroad. Looks like Narendra Modi isn’t serious about corruption either. Wonder what happened to Modi who came to power claiming that he can reduce power considerably?

Wonder whats going to happen. Will our children, grandchildren and generations beyond are destined to be slaves of corrupt politicians?