Who owns India?

Saw this really funny article http://www.themukt.com/2t014/07/31/google-maps-leak-secret-locations-indian-military-bases/ . This is the height of stupidity of Indian authorities.

Google wanted to better map India, so they placed a bait, they offered a cell phone who can map features on to their map, many Indians bit it not knowing that only one in million would get it. So its all well. Then some stupid Indian government officials have discovered that some military area has been mapped and they are bugging google about it.

Say that I am living near military complex. I am been offered a cell phone for free and some one asks me to describe about it, I would surely do it. I have not signed any Non Disclosure Agreement with the military not to talk about them.

I think these Indian officials will bully Google to provide info of the person who has mapped this military base and they will arrest and harass him. I have experienced first hand and know that Indian authorities don’t have a clue about information freedom, and how open internet is.

I think India should go back to Indira Gandhi’s emergency days where everything is banned. Possibly a strong priminister like Narendra Modi could be persuaded to bring heavy censorship into Indian internet. Or possibly they have already implemented huge filtering? Who knows? All I  know is India has and is building extensive communication monitoring network.

There is another question, that is: Who owns India? The Aadi Dravidians? Dravidians? Aryan (Hindu) and Muslim invaders? The rulers of this age? The huge corporates who control today’s rulers? The common innocent human who wanted to win a cell phone by mapping the area he knows? Or is India part of so called planet Earth owned by every species that lives in it?

Answering the above question may put the answer into a thinkers mind of who can map India.

State Bank ATM cheated me

Stste Bank of India

Currently I work in K.K Nagar. There is a State Bank Of Mysore near my office and I went there one day to draw money. I punched in an amount and got the money. Back at the office I counted it and to my dismay I found Rs 100/- was missing. I was bewildered.

I don’t like humans. Humans are good at management, they have a desire to succeed and hence cheat to take a short path. They put 100’s of laws to keep strong strong and weak weak. Humans cheat a lot that’s okay for me. I have come to love computers because they are extremely faithful in right hands. Coming back to the State Bank ATM, I don’t know if it has fallen into wrong hands or it was a random mistake?

I called State Bank customer care and they offered no help. They said since I used HDFC bank card I had to complain there. HDFC too let me down. An operator said she will take a complain but left me for 7 minutes playing some stupid music. I cut the line in disgust.

I don’t know if any of you people have such  a bad experience, but this is the truth. Either banks have programmed ATM’s to cheat once in a while or they have faulty ATM’s at their premises and don’t want to take complaints about them.

Crappy Code

All my professional life I have been a programmer. Many in my country India have an engineering degree, but are not engineers. They do no know to write good code, design system and integrate them. Every coding house in India have crappy coders, and they are the ones who take on MBA’s and goto the management. So is that a good end of the story? No, nope, nope. Its where the problem starts.

There have been lot of times I have invited to join the management, but the truth is it sucks, the reason is as soon as one goes to management, one forgets the thing about coding, one forgets what it takes. Its like a president of a nation waging war upon war without knowing the true cost. Some how the management people are eclipsed from the toils programmers endure. They simply forget what it takes to be a human.

They over simplify things. hey seem to think by making one work 8 hours a day produces output of X means making one work 16 hours a day will make one produce an output of 2X. That’s nuts. Bosses at the top may have a vision and they think it can be propagated to the entire organization, which ignores the fact that some one may be having some other equivalent and powerful idea and may be voiceless in that company. Another factory mentality is if you have 10 employees and earn Y, then if you have 20 employees you will earn 2Y.

The most common mistake that happens is hastiness. The need to finish something quickly even if it means to take a dirty coding path. All the companies I have been, this one happens. I see the specs and see a beautiful way it could be coded. Then some interference happens in mid coding process, and many times blame will descend upon me and others. Most time its so ironic that we are caught unaware. We respond to one thing that comes from client or management, and the mood changes the other day. Our works become the weapons used against us!

The life of I.T worker is life in vein, unless you have a successful product. To have a successful product is very slim, possibly one in thousand succeed. One in a million become a facebook or google. Even if you do, there are investors who will try to rob you and take your invention away from you.

The result of all these frustration is crappy code. Finish it some how show some, demo it and blah blah. Thats why I think paid software like Microsoft Windows has become so crap due to programmers frustion and free soft like Linux are rising to the top because programmers contribute to it with love.

To all those who are aspiring to be engineers, my advice is don’t become one. Today’s I.T field is not respectable one.  If dog in ones house does not eat a bone it might be taken to a vet. If you (in I.T field tomorrow) don’t eat the bone thrown by your company or client, all you will get is lashing and you will be made to swallow it. The field has become like that and it won’t change. Never it will.

How I wish to be born as a pet dog (to an owner who will feed me briyani and tandoori chicken).

Low Voltage Jayalalitha

Power line

Few days ago there was a ADMK stage show in Medavakkam, it was brightly lit by generator power. It was evident from surroundings that there was no power in Medavakkam while the ruling party men and women were enjoying in glaring lights at night. Well, it caused a good traffic jam. No wonder as their leader Jayalalitha caused traffic jams in Chennai’s road just because she wanted to take a walk in peace. That’s right no kidding. As leader so the followers (like goats).

This is the sad part, when I reached home I found my entire area dark. Power was cut for a long period that day. Okay let these AIADMK people enjoy their success, but enjoying in midst of a region that has a power failure is not a good idea.

I think I saw in papers that Jaya announced that from June 1, there won’t be any power cut in Chennai. I wonder in awe about that confident announcement as 18 days after that announcement I still suffer from power cuts. I think power cut must must be defined in dictionary as “the normal state in which Tamilnadu exists”.

Even if power arrives, its tremendously low voltage. Microwaves don’t work, fan won’t run up to speed, I am unable to get proper sleep. Having more than 30 MP’s in center, Jaya must tell them to bug the union power minister to start new projects in Tamilnadu and must ask for more share of power from the power stations that are located in our territory.

One good thing Jaya seems to be doing is promoting solar power, but I don’t see any home that claimed that they were able to install affordable photovoltaic on their roof top with government subsidy. The numbers are too low to offset the power deficit.

Tamilnadu politics is a corrupt system, one gets to power not because that he has done above expectations, but his opponent the incumbent gets all the curses of the people. If Jaya does not do any thing about the low voltage, possibly she might get a name “low voltage Jayalalitha” just like “மின்வெட்டு (power cut) Veerasamy” of the previous DMK rule, this might tempt people to vote for some other party.

I am hearing that Vaiko is a good guy, why doesn’t his party MDMK come up? Why does not AAP come up in Tamilnadu?