Unforgettable day at Jaya Engineering College

There is a great man called Mr. Kumaran who is HOD of computer science department in Jaya engineering college. Having I got an engineering degree, I have always felt the need for great engineering teachers. Only a diamond can cut a diamond, we need great teachers to produce great teachers and engineers to keep the knowledge in our society flowing and refining over time. Many to be frank, teach for money and are happy with that. There is no wrong or harm in it, but only a rare some take extra ordinary steps.

Mr. Kumaran is one of them. He is striving to bring more awareness of  free and open source software amongst his pupils and that’s great. Being an free software advocate, I have to salute him. He is installing the culture of curiosity and exploration in the minds of students. Apparently this is what all colleges must do, but how many of them do it really?

Jaya Engineering because of Mr. Kumar is churning out knowledgeable people. Being a user of free software almost entirely since 2006, what the students have learned in Jaya college may even look childish to me, but they have kept few steps, tasted freedom and possibly will prosper by knowing about it. HOD’s from other college must contact Jaya Engineering, interact with Mr. Kumaran and MUST (, A TRUE MUST) implement same kind of foss clubs in their colleges.

The enthusiasm of this free software is installed in the heart of Mr Kumaran possibly due to ilugc ( Indian Linux User Group Chennai ), one of the most powerful yet humble linux user groups in India. This group contains great jambawans like Lt Mr. Kennith (who I had no  chance to interact with ), Mr. Srinivasan ex-collabnet employee, Mr. Raman (an engineer working in railway hospital), hot and fiery and yet a man of dedication Mr. Tyagarajan, my friend Mr. Madan who runs his company Techartus and many more heroes who I don’t know. I really don’t know if  their contribution to open source will go unsung, and undocumented only to be forgotten in the eons to come. The work they have done and they are doing are enormous. Truly enormous and with passion and humility.

Personally I am very happy. I met a young lad named Gautam who is ilugc coordinator, though  he is nervous, I feel he is the right candidates, chosen very wisely Mr. Srinivasan. A young leadership, to lead ilugc is must. He is quiet determined and has thoughts in his mind to improve ilugc.

Another person I met was Mr. Ganesh, an researcher from CSIR, a expert in spectroscopy. His idea is to make spectrometers so cheap that it can be a household appliance, just like an blender is now. We can buys a bottle of coke, pour a sample into it and know what chemicals its made off, know what our tap water contains, what coatings are used in good looking mangoes and apples we buy. He is true hero, he walks without slippers, has the looks of Katrathu Tamil hero’s unshaven appearance, but has heart of gold. A man who isn’t yet conquered by corporate world and money, I only wish the world doesn’t let him down. If such great men are hurt, I am sure humanity is worth not to exist any more.

Great minds speak about ideas they say, and that’s what we did. On the bus back, we spoke about free software, about the message the film Apocalypto conveys, how greed of man will destroy not only him but the whole earth. It was not like going to  a marriage and being asked silly questions like “how are you?”, when I say “if you give ten lakhs and I will be happy” , people laugh as though I don’t mean it. With these people I can discuss ideas, how passionate one can be in his life, how to improve humanity with ones passion, how to liberate people using proprietary software. Those are ideas, ideas to spread truth, that’s what I like.

If Harinath and Naresh Aravind are reading this I would like to thank them for calling me up, inviting me and arranging most of the transport. I also thank the people who served food for me there. I wish Jaya engineering model of conducting free software events is implemented all over Tamilnadu, I am sure that Linux User Groups (LUGS) will support you.

Why software should sell with minimum 400% margin

An artist enjoying his time.

Software writing is truly an art. It takes artists, people with passion to write it. Its needs one to understand what must be transformed into what and that must be told to computers. That requires diligent work and love of job. This requires quality people to be hired.

Artists are not mere animals or machines who could be made to work around the clock, constrained by time. They require freedom to think, enjoy life. All this requires money (by products of capitalism, if not life could be enjoyed for free). Hence you need greater profit margins to run your business if you needs true artists in them.

But, look at today’s software industry (that too in India). There is a department called human resource, what a derogatory term to call human a resource. This term was last used when the white man thought he was superior and treated others as slaves, its then when people were treated as resource.

I have seen it in practicality. Some people who want to become quick bill gates hire few low quality coders, they pitch for projects with very low profit margins, they make month to month living in such way that if a project is lost for a month, people must be laid off or the company as a whole must be shut down. In those companies I see no happiness.

In some other companies, I see people code with  passion, treat the companies as their own. Get a month of holiday for two months of work!!! Have really loyal clients. They have their time for leisure and thought. Now those are the hallmarks of a true software company. Those companies strangely don’t have a human resource department which undermines humanity.

But on the whole, software industry I see is going down the hill and is tremendously undervaluing itself and humanity as a whole in the name of beating competition. Clients are not knowing the ill effects of cheap software either and are falling into the trap mostly to see their investment getting vanished.

Coding must be such a fun, but dehumanizing and industrializing it is removing all the fun from it. Possibly that is why free software that’s programmed with Love is taking on software created using “human resource”.

Evil Twitter ends Twitpic

Twitter is an excellent service. You could post simple messages and let the world know what you are doing, what you think about some stuff. It was “that’s it and no more” at that time. Since it sent out messages to cell phones via SMS, it caught the eyes of investors who thought this was cool. By some luck this service which never should have succeeded, did and now its world famous. Even governments use twitter now. Its the best messenger the world has.

Today we can upload pictures on twitter, but back then it was not possible. So sprang up Twitter spin off services like Twitpic. Twitpic allows you to upload a photo and the photos link along with the message you type would be posted on to twitter. in short services like twitpic were instrumental for the growth of twitter.

Twitter wanted to compete with these services and is not offering photo upload directly to its domain. That’s not evil, but people did use twitpic any way. Twitter could have been more humane. Surely its showing signs that its has tasted power and wants to get evil. It has threatened legal action against twitpic and has said to block its API. This is evil pure pure evil on part of twitter. It has even said since twitpic has similar name it can bully it. That’s bullshit from Twitter.

This was done knowing that Twitpic did not have enough resource to defend against twitter. Its so clear that Twitter want to be a dominant force,  for that its quiet prepared to do any thing and to do any amount of evil. This is really bad.

Twitter in its recent days has started to act like a corporate firm rather than like a firm that support free expression (like say The Pirate Bay). It now filters and blocks tweets based on user country,  it bowed to governments, sold user data to security firms, and undermines ones right to truth and free information.

Twitter is now Evil Twitter. Just like Google which launched Chrome browser so that it can have more control of the internet and promoted it aggressively against Firefox. If you are using twitter, I would hope one day you would try diaspora ( you can find its servers here http://podupti.me/ ) and uphold freedom of information.

Tamil school kids must listen to Hindi speech tomorrow

Europe feared the Aryan race because they wanted to dominate the entire continent, no mater how much the blood shed it was. I am beginning to fear that the dominating character is inbuilt into the Aryans. Aryans invaded India long ago and have become a part of it. The Dravidian’s were pushed south and the Aryans became the dominant Hindi speaking people. Time and again these people have made attempts to undermine our Dravidian culture.

For example in temples even today in Tamilnadu, the Aiyars aka Brahmins communicate to god with  a language called Sanskrit. A language that does not belong to India but came from central Asian tribes men. Though this language is practically not used any where, there is this “Aryan supremacy thing”. Talking to Gods in Tamil according Brahmins seems taboo.

India is ruled by mostly people consisting of North who speak various dialects of Aryan language. India though having many Dravidian language like Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi and so on, has chosen Hindi as its national language. Hindi is Aryan by origin that has heavy influence of Sanskrit.

It is said that Hindi was chosen because most people in India knows it. But if things are chosen because of numerical superiority, then crow should be the national bird of India than peacock and rat should be our national animal instead of the Tiger.

We the Dravidian’s are fighting it. We are fighting to keep our languages alive amidst the constant Aryan attack and mis-propaganda. We believe that one is best educated in his own mother tongue than any other language. We want people not to loose their culture just because some race or language has got their numerical / economic / social superiority. We believe every culture on this planet are equal and must be respected.

The latest kind of propaganda is from the Narendra Modi government. Tomorrow is teachers day, all Central Board schools were instructed to make their kids listen to Modi’s speech in Hindi. Looks like the new government won’t realize that a Tamil kid will understand better if the speech was translated to Tamil form him / her.

This lack of common sense is quiet appalling and according to me shows lack of brain of people who can’t accept there exists cultures and languages apart from their own. A man who must be proud Gujarati has scummed to Hindi, how unfortunate.

Secret ballot and media control contradicts

Many governments around the world claim to be democratic. In this system a person votes for a leader in a periodic manner and his ballot is kept secret. Well voting is a form of expression of opinion and one is allowed to be anonymous. Well, fair enough. If that can be anonymous, then why come governments around th world want to control and know who expressed what opinion on other forms of media?

Like say governments want news channels and print media should be registered. Gatherings like groups and clubs must be registered, parties must be registered. Governments are trying to take control of the internet so that they can track exactly who does what. These type of tracking systems are said to be highly active in USA, Western world, India, China, Russia and other countries. Already all our telephones and SMSes are tracked. And none encourages citizen powered internet (where you can hook up your computer with 5 -10 neighbors and the chain goes on and on).

Governments, banks and corporates are shell shocked by technology that allow anonymous file sharing like torrents and anonymous currency like bitcoin. Why is expression of vote is kept so anonymous? I don’t understand. If its said that government can persecute the one who has not voted for them, then why can’t it persecute people speaking against it if its anonymity is lost.

Advantage of non anonymous voting

There is one big advantage of non anonymous voting, that is one will be able to change his vote when ever one wants. Since the vote is no more secret, one can use an electronic terminal like his cell phone and change his vote from the leader of his choice now to another person. This kind of dynamic democracy will terrify governments that want to stay in power and make them more listen to people than wealthy tycoons.

Advantage of anonymous media

The advantage of anonymous media is that one cannot know who wrote an piece of article, created a work of art (though one can see the actors faces in a revolutionary movie and get hold of its directors) . By that way freedom of expression becomes more. One can understand the mood of the country well. Media will be de-controlled and will not be owned by just few business and political groups. If some one wants to pay for news, he will pay the popular channel, but there will be too much competition and hence chance for truth bubbling up will be high .

I feel that media should be made anonymous and voting should be made non-anonymous so dynamic democracy could come into effect.