The Goodness of Marriage – Got it in Whatsapp!

A wifeπŸ‘© was calling out for her husbandπŸ‘¨ from the kitchen🏠 to help her with the dishesπŸ›πŸ, but did not get a response. She went looking for him in the bed room and found hubby asleep😌 on his filesπŸ“•, tired of work. She walked closer to him, looked at the innocent face😐, played with his hair softly, sweetly and….. *PHATTTAKK πŸ‘‹*Β  😡✨….slapped his face!!!The husband got up with a shock and asked what happened??!?!Then the wife showed him her phone πŸ“± which showed…. “Last seen on whatsapp 1 minute ago” πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‚technology HURTS… πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œπŸ˜œ

In the morning wife asked for newspaper ..
Husband – how backward are you….world had progressed so much and you are asking for news paper? Here, have my TAB ….

Wife killed the cockroach with the TAB….

Husband unconscious …😳

Whatever wife asks…,give

Golden Words……

1. “If you want to change the world, do it when you are a bachelor. After marriage, you can’t even change a TV channel”

2. “Listening to wife is like reading the terms and conditions of website. You understand Nothing, still you agreed…”

3. “Chess is the only game in the world, which reflects the status of the husband. The poor King can take only one step at a time…While the mighty Queen can do whatever she likes.”

4. “All men are brave. Horror movies don’t scare them…But 5 missed calls from wife…surely dead…”

Send this to all men who can smile after reading this… & to all ladies who can LOL after reading it.

Life of Tears

They wanted me to become a medicine man. Doctors they said are highly respected in society. I had other plans. People wanted me to become a lawyer as I had good ability to speak and was able to think better. I avoided it. Even today I avoid many leader ship and controlling positions.

Why? Lets say that some one is ill, their life is in inΒ  the hands off doctor. That power could be abused and its been abused today. Rather than serving humanity, doctors caught in the world of capitalism want to milk money because their patients fear painfulΒ  life or death. The same is the case of lawyers, one who is convicted in court must trust his life onΒ  a lawyer. Same is the case of accountant too, your financial future and your companies financial statement are in his hands.

I have a strong feeling that one human has no rights to control another, and so I took Electronics and Communication Engineering. How on earth an engineer can control the life of others I thought. What a stupid I was. Contrary to my expectation, everywhere I go I had to take decisions that controls the life of others. I am getting involved in politics. I am unable to indulge in science which is pure and sane and am forced to indulge with humans who have all evils in them. To make matters worst I live in a age where capitalism and greed prevails. Man is working for money and material than the other way around.

I had to suspect people, take decisions that would hurt them, remove smile from their faces, truth turns an innocent child into a adult with evils in him. Who knows how many tears have been shed because of me? Who knows how many people feel let down and cheated because of me? who knows how many innocent people have I misjudged as evil though they are real angels?

Would one day there would be a world where no one is controlled by any other? I wonder what would destroy Satan in human hearts and install compassionate God in them?

No wonder Pope bats for censorship

Fooling people in the name of God forever….

False needs hushups, and if hushups and censorships are not guaranteed, false falls and truth prevails. Every sensible human knows God does not exist, even one who does say God exists won’t believe someone else who claims he has seen God, neither he will send me $10 as God told me those who read this blog must send me that amount every month.

We have seen evil regimes spying on people, trying to cover their corrupt practices. USA has the NSA, UK has GCHQ. Vatican too has a system, its fear, fear of hell. And those who obey it will have mental peace so that they are ensured to goΒ  to heaven.

Ask Vatican where is heaven and hell? No answer. Tell it to show God, no answer. Show Satan, no answer. Its clear, religious institutions around the world were, are and even now when its evident whats the truth and when its evident that their scriptures are mostly myth and false are making people believe in superstition and the name called God, Satan or what ever. Isn’t it immoral to make one believe in something that does not exist?

Censorship is what they will bat for.