What should be business?

Today I sit here and type not as a happy man. Success in economy and happiness are decoupled I feel. I strongly feel humans are defeating the purpose of their lives, that is to be happy.

Well, we all desire to be happy in life. For happiness we need material. things like good bed, systems that keep us warm and cold depending on the weather outside, food that keep us nourished and healthy. To get these materials we need a system of barter and money is the most efficient way to barter so we have to use it.

To earn money we need to exchange our products and services for it. That exchange is called business. In other words we do business for happiness. But, today in many fields, particularly the Information Technology field I am in, happiness seems to be found almost no where. People seem to peruse maddening numbers so that it has a talking point and prestige  attached to it, thats it. In the pursuit of it they turn a blind eye to human values and respect. Moral collapses.

I am afraid the entire world is getting converted to something like Singapore. A city state hats wealthy and prosperous but is deeply sad. Wonder what could stop it.

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The Power of Vote

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A random chat with a friend

where r u staying at now…?
me: in vietnam
wat vietnam ah…..
me: y?
nothing…. wat r u doing at there…?
me: I own a pig farm
me: pork is our main export
k.. u r the owner ah…?
me: no I married owners daughter
me: soon I will kill him and become the owner
k… good luck.. vietnam is asin content ah…?
me: no thamana content

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Preparing for a Fascist India

Modi worshipping weapons

The recent comment by Mr. Modi on Kejirwal that he is a Pak spy is shocking for me. I do support Modi to become a PM. India needs to have a strong man now. Economy must be lifted, small Industries must thrive, terrorism must be abolished, Pak and China must get a pat to remind them who we are. Modi is the man for that, not Manmohan who nods for congress thats corrupt. Not Rahul who is corrupt.

But somethings about him are purely disliked by me. He once in public worshiped a cache of Arms like AK-47. I don’t know why? Now he has let his mouth loose saying that Kejirwal is a Pak spy possibly without evidence. That sucks. It won’t suck if he just says he has spoken his mood out. Hope he does that.

I wish India won’t slip into Fascism when Narendra modi comes to power, but even if it does I won’t be surprised. I guess Internet too will be heavily censored.

So lets see. Lets see, and have the faith on India. Time and again Indians have come out of the grips of tyrants. We have defeated an empire that claimed Sun never sets on its soil. So lets see if Modi want to see Indians happy, or one that wants to feel powerful no  matter what.

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How Germany Is Saving India The Second Time

Germany’s Angela Merkel Inspecting A Renewable Energy Project

History repeats itself they say. Thats because we humans are greedy, it drives us till resource becomes scares, there is a great depression or something or a war, then we human gets sober, start to live well, get prosperous, start to think we are God, then we behave like drunk to start all process once again.

But I have found a very strange coincidence here. For the second time German’s action will save India. Germany is going all out solar. In my blogs seized by Tamilnadu police (just because I wrote about their harassment of an old man) I said India needs strong solar energy policy . India for about 60 years has suffered very weak leadership. Our leaders primarily relied  on USSR and USA for guidance. If USA says it wants cheap labor, India readily made easy for its students to goto USA. USA said oil and fossil fuel is the thing and India readily obeyed it.

USA is not a country thats controlled by its citizens they simply vote and thats it. All its policies are framed by the rich arms dealers, bankers, energy industry and blah blah. Just because the energy Industry can make heck money from oil, USA which could easily opt out of oil economy is allying with Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is a country with very old values. Believe it or not, its illegal for girls to drive cars in that nation. They still think Kuran is the thing and use their oil wealth to sponsor terrorism. India is one country that is hit by terrorist force trained by Pakistan with Saudi money.

By moving out f oil, into renewable, Germany is pulling money that will go to these terrorists and Pakistan (a friend of Saudi Arabia). Thus its saving India. Plus if India gets guidance from Germany, it too can come out of its oil reliance. Availability of solar power in India is really good. But it all depends on USA nod weather India can move out of oil or not. Possibly Narendra Modi, like Vajpyee will be defiant against the threat of USA.

Okay when was the first time Germany saved India? It wad the time when Adolf Hitler launched a campaign to invade Briton. It sparked a debate among the Britons. If they want to fight for their freedom, then whats wrong for Indians to fight for theirs? Without Hitler India’s freedom would have been hugely delayed or may never have taken place.

So somehow Germany’s action is once again saving India. That time from the Colonizers Briton, this time from the blind Capitalistic system of USA and from our terrorist neighbor Pakistan.

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Free food farm

I work in  a corporate that calls a itself a startup so that they feel good about it. Everyday I see unwanted pressures created, people overworking, unhappy, stressed and chaosed thoughts running in their mind. They are good minds. I often wonder why good minds should face such  thing.

There is a great multilingual poet called Subramaniy Bharathi. He had to face humanity, poor thing that he was one among them just like we are all. He got so so fed up and sang to God Shakthi and asked: why do  you make me live in this trash

Ages upon ages, we humans have been chasing falsehood, false hopes that will never materialize. Being in Chennai I have seen life getting tougher and tougher for people. When I was young, any one who came to our doorstep, or of any of our neighbors were offered food. Now I don’t even offer water to unless and until I know I profit in some way. What has happened? Has Ubuntu vanished from this land?

I feel the basis is hunger, In a city like Chennai even if you get Rs 20,000/- per month as salary, you can eat heartily 3 times a day. Its sad. Some are doing some thing about it. The government has launched subsidized food scheme. But I suspect that it was launched by Jaya (our Chief minister) to wash off her sins as  advised by her astrologer rather than in  a true spirit of vanishing hunger. Any way its a good thing.

I want to eliminate this stupid hunger. I want to create a farm which produces (organic) food. Every operation of the farm will be online, every knowhow and research we do will be there for free so that any one can use it. All the produce of the farm (minus those needed for the survival of the farmers) will be left out so that any one can take it and do what ever they want. There will be online portal where any one can donate money for this farm and its expansion. If we get enough money this farm will survive or it will perish.

The second objective of this farm would be to develop technology to preserve excess food and make it available to agriculturist over the world at no cost.

The third step will automation, so that robots will start to farm, and we humans could become free. This technology too will be open and given to any one who want it.

The fourth step would be to spread the message so that one day, all over the world, food will be available to any one free of cost and so that humanity could reach higher goals.

In a age were food production will be dominated big corporations (in India, well USA has lost it to the big money) that keep everything behind locked doors, I think we hit back and and say to them you are not the one to determine when we are hungry or not.

I really don’t know how I am going to do it. But I want to network with like minded people. If you are one please contact me at +91 9444018524 or email to

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Political Banners Tied To Lamp Posts

Cheenai’s traffic in peak hours is horrendous. Almost every foot of road is used, being in India, no lane discipline is followed. To add to the woes of motorist, signals won’t work, people will drive on the wrong side, illegal shops are put up on platforms hence pedestrians must walk on the road and we must drive without hitting them.

Recently I have found one irritating thing. Today is our Chiefminister Jaya’s birthday, i Chennai, lamp posts are situated at the midle of roads punctuating the concrete divider that runs at the middle. In recent trends political parties have tied banners to them that jutout 2 feet on either side, which could in a way harm motorist.

Imagine if a speeding scoorist grazing that flex banner reinforced wih iron frame or wood bounded with nail. He can tear his skin and his muscle could get torn apart. His arm could be unusable. Many times while driving I have seen this banners missing my windshield by 7 inches or so and it scares me. To make matters worst, some banners that are not tied properly fall on the road, obstructing 50% of its width.

Be it Jaya, Karuna or Stalin or Vijaykanth. Their banners tied to lamp posts at the middle of road signifies that these people don’t care about the common man, or if they do they don’t ave any control over party men who flaunt traffic rules and have no common sense. Should such leaders be elected to power?

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