Nityananda and Windows 10

There is a swamiji in India called Nityananda. He preached austerity, all of a sudden he had a rubbing with a big political family in Tamilnadu and they published a secret video clip of him having affair with an actress on their television network. Publishing ones bedroom scene without the peoples approval is very indecent act, we Tamilians would have more glued our eyes to T.V if they have published Sunnyleons clip, but any way the swamijis austerity was broken.

Though it was broken, people like goats, without any thought, filled with stupidity till the hilt followed him, just like the followers of Microsoft Windows. Microsoft windows sucks, just because it costs it does not mean its superior! Microsoft wants Windows to sell, no matter how stupid it is, so that to create psychological effect of Windows has gone up in tech by bumping up the version number from 8 to 10. Because if they make this windows 9, people will think ‘ya this one is another failed release like Windows 8 just to fill in M$’s pockets’.

But one good thing about Windows users is that they are not utterly stupid like the Mac ones, but they all love to become more stupid by owning a Mac.

Huge huge setback to anti-corruption

Indian Judicial system has let out Jayalalitha (the corrupt as of now) out on bail.

I am shocked that Queen of corruption, our former Chief Minister Jayalalitha is released in bail. Out of Jail, she can indulge in activities that will make witnesses overturn statements thus make her free herself from be convicted of corruption.

Today is also a rejoicing day for our political class, they now know that no matter how much you loot, there will be a heard of sheep’s putting you in political stardom, and making you look equivalent to God.

Looks like no politician likes India and Indians. Looks like they will stick to political parties that will help them loot. When leaders of parties are declared as criminals, they would say justice is skewed, indulge in criminal activities like damaging private property. Eventually if their leader is released in bail, they will behave as though their leader is totally freed of all charges.

Should a nation with such idiots survive? I think we are going to crumble like Taliban occupied Afghanistan. If state is crap, even the central govt is crap too. I read in paper today that our union government won’t pursue those who have locked wealth of this nation as black money in banks abroad. Looks like Narendra Modi isn’t serious about corruption either. Wonder what happened to Modi who came to power claiming that he can reduce power considerably?

Wonder whats going to happen. Will our children, grandchildren and generations beyond are destined to be slaves of corrupt politicians?

Interview with [Damien George], Creator of the Micro Python project

Originally posted on Hackaday:


[Damien George] just created Micro Python (Kickstarter alert!), a lean and fast implementation of the Python scripting language that is optimized to run on a microcontroller. It includes a complete parser, compiler, virtual machine, runtime system, garbage collector and was written from scratch. Micro Python currently supports 32-bit ARM processors like the STM32F405 (168MHz Cortex-M4, 1MB flash, 192KB ram) shown in the picture above and will be open source once the already successful campaign finishes. Running your python program is as simple as copying your file to the platform (detected as a mass storage device) and rebooting it. The official micro python board includes a micro SD card slot, 4 LEDs, a switch, a real-time clock, an accelerometer and has plenty of I/O pins to interface many peripherals. A nice video can be found on the campaign page and an interview with the project creator is embedded after the break.

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Programmer and MBA’s brain

Like everyday, I ponder about the stupidity thats runs in humanity. Today I was thinking about Programmers and MBA’s brain. I have consulted for many companies and my primary job is to code. Though sometimes I may declare coding sucks, eventually I return back to it, it looks like without coding I am fish without water. I disliked coding not because I really disliked it, but I disliked the way coders were treated. Recently in a company I consulted, I was told that I am not an engineer, it shattered me, then I came to realize that it was told just to apply pressure on me, when the same guy stared to shout for stupid things, I ended of my consultation since I can’t work for a mad man.

Now lets see about the brains of Programmer and MBA. I love programmers, thy are straight and logical in thought, scientific in  approach, one thought does not mix with other. Its this logical separation enables them t o isolate a problem, test how the problem is related to just a few number of variables and they can deduce a solution from it. In fact scientist and programmers achieve a result not thinking too many things but instead having their thoughts concentrated on one or very few number of problems. Its thats how the male brain works.

On the other hand MBA’s, God! MBA’s think like women, their thoughts are not in separate compartments but like that of my girl friends. Some how happiness and money seems to be related to my girls, while I wonder why a bushman (these people don’t have money, they don’t even know what it is) in Kalahari is happy while Ambanis, DMK and AIADMK (DMK and AIADMK are one of the most corrupt political parties on this planet) people are sad. For MBA’s, everything seems to be related to everything. For example some people urge me to shave and wear formals to office and I wonder how it could be related to coding? Some how they seem to connect them together in ways we possibly can never imagine. They are like Macintosh people who relate beauty to fine performance and buy apple products like heard of goats. they are unscientific, afraid to think and unable experiment alternatives.

We can think like this MBA’s thoughts are like a balloon, but tied to ground with many strings. these strings provide stability to the balloon and prevent it flying off even during gusts, but since its tied with so many strings to ground below, it simply can’t move, be agile and reposition itself very easily and simply can’t respond to changes. But programmers thoughts are like that of a free floating balloon, isolated tied by no strings adjusts and responds to changes.

This might also prove why programmers wander from company to company often. How could a person of free flowing thought stay in  a place where things are set in cement? How could rigid systems exists in this universe in which change is the only constant?

Failing Pakistan

Terror Training Camp in Pakistan

Pakistan is clearly loosing its path. Something is set in the minds of its rulers that they have no better job than to have war with India, use Taliban to control Afghanistan, export terror around the world. Its highly unfortunate that its military does not listen to democratically elected government and  has a mind of its own.

On the other hand India’s position is very clear, we just want to develop economically, then we can ask the world to sing according to our tune, just like China has done. Its for that we have a very powerful government now. For some reason these Pakistanis cannot escape the Kuran, the text written 2000 years ago and people who (mis)interpret it to see their own ideas come to shape.

Unfortunately if the ideas involve not creating sorrow, its good, if the idea causes progress its good, but most probably it causes destruction. I don’t see that nation coming up, unless the learned and middle class rise. I think one day Pakistan will become so radical that they will welcome Islamic State unrolling red carpet for them. Who can stop fools becoming more radicalized?

Hope Pakistan take care about its people than diverting attention on war and terror. Sikhs in Pakistan are saying they are ill-treated. Boluch people are been plundered of their gas and oil wealth yet no development takes place in Boluchistan which has made them cry out for independence. Young people there are fed up of restrictions they face in the name of religion. Pakistan must improve. It should become a peaceful nation, and must try to satisfy aspiration of its citizens.

But, ya, who could really stop a fool from being foolish?

Morning Music

Now I am once again about to forget it. Today it was African chorus song, a very beautiful one, but I am unable to capture  it as I know nothing about music. Its been random occurrence, some day just before I wake up , I hear really really pleasant music in my dreams, just the kind I always wish to hear, the effect of this music last few hours  and I forget about it few hours after I wake up. I don’t see any visuals while I hear that extremely pleasant music.

I have never heard lyrics or singing till now. But today was an exception, though it was singing, it was by a group of African children and an African man, they were singing a tune. The tune as usual was divine. Irony that I am unable to capture it. I wonder why I get these dream, I surely don’t know to capture these tunes and make a living, I wish a musician who wishes to be great get it. All these tune does is give me a pleasure for few hours. What an irony.

Should cry babies rule Tamilnadu?

Paneer selvam crying to get good remarks from Jaya, but is he willing to get good remarks from the people?

Tamilnadu and Tamilians had set an example of gallantry, bravery, love of motherland and presence of mind. When there were ancient kingdoms, pitched battles were common, a man seeing his son getting killed will still go on fighting in the battle field because he loved his land. Today we see Karunanidhi doing anything to get Kanimozhi cleared of 2G scam. A Chiefminister crying to get attention of ex-leader jailed for scam.

This blog is not about Karuna’s family, but its about AIADMK. There was a king called Manu-needhi-cholan, who sacrificed his own son just because he had done injustice. But today we see ADMK people begging Tamilians to support them so that they can bring out their leader who has done injustice to this land.

Tamilians were never historically tolerant wrong doers. “Though committed by God, mistake is mistake, mistake is mistake” said Nakeeran before angry lord Shiva and he was reduced to ashes. Nakeeran never feared god, for him right or wrong mattered. I feel we Tamilians are loosing that fire and ceasing to be Tamilians. Being a Tamil is not just speaking it, but a way of life.

I wonder if Paneerselavam is ruling Tamilnadu or is crying on Chiefministers desk thinking of Jayalalitha? Its a pity in a civilization where dignity and honour was more than life we see people committing sins for the love of their sons and daughters and begging for their sined leader be released out of Jail illegally.

What a shameful people are they. What a shameful civilization I am in. Cry Paneer for a good man going hungry today and I will salute you. But if you cry for a fouled leader, the people will surely spit on you.