Corporate Gmail is quiet good

If you don’t mind being spied upon, then Gmail is quiet good, for personal use. Though programs like mail pile , enigmail are challenging it, and you do have Open mailbox which is providing you with free mail and dropbox like storage. Well this blog is not about that, this is about what can be done with corporate email and how to overcome its annoyance.

I am a developer, I like to have distraction free environment while I code, but in the name of agile I have to check may email now and then to scan for changes in the software requirement and build those changes into the code. Usually the old feature gets commented out, because the managers forget about the change and after few days ask why the old stuff is not is not working, we than comment the new one and uncomment the old one, and as per the management another brand new feature is done in record time :D .

This month was really annoying, I saw a mail that we got Independence on Aug 15th, I already knew that and it annoyed me. Its just a reminder that its not the British, but the sons and daughters of mother India rape her. Then series of mails came from a team to install their software onto my phone, and then some stupid celebration, and some mail for running event. Annoying, annoying annoying. My company seems to have turned into my girlfriend, I can’t leave it, but it nags me. Plus which girl pays you for staying with her?

I spamed those mails, some got muted, but those mails that came from Google hosting of my company’s mails couldn’t be spamed. Google offers my company admins a feature, by turning it on, even though I spam mail that come from my company domain they really won’t get spamed.

Well, then once again I get these mails, happy this day from another crap guy/girl and happy that, install this and you will get a million dollars, get a free movie ticket… and blah blah. I was wondering weather my company was a software company or a company of sales men and woman. I asked my friend what to do. He too is a tech guy and doesn’t like these mails that waste time. He guided me, I ended up using these filters. Now I am able to target people, if those marketing people send me emails, it gets auto deleted! Wow! Fuck alleyluyaah, fucking masha allah, fuck fuck fucking god!!! Now I can concentrate on my work than on deleting annoying stuff.  My trust in Gmail has been restored. Its good that Google thought about it.

The Indian Engineer Logo

Indians are contributing a lot to the world in terms of man power, and given the right opportunity, Indian Engineers are making a break through. I was watching a youtube video about German arms that were used in second world war 2. I was amazed by their organization capacity and their engineering. In fact Germany’s industrial output peaked in 1944, just a year before it was defeated!

I feel one day India too will become proud of her engineers. An eminent scientist Abdul Kalam who is the inspiration of many engineers in this nation, when he died recently, all th nation mourned. The techniques that he, Satish Dawan, Vickram Sarabhai, Sivathanu Pillai and many others invented and followed have created ISRO, one of the most efficient space organization, and Bhramos, the most fastest and lethal cruise missile.

Human resource officers must play a crucial role in this nation, they must be good engineers themselves so that they can spot good engineers among the noise of those who claim to be engineers. A company that amasses good engineers, provides right and happy environment, and good opportunity for them will be respected and may eventually succeed. When recruiting, one must recruit a person who has clarity of thought and must also look for special Indian character, that is purity of soul.

Now lets come to the logo

What this logo represents? First this logo represents the tricolor. The tricolor has a significance. The saffron represents the great sacrifice our people have made to gain freedom. In similar fashion Indian engineers need to make great sacrifices. We are in  a backward nation in many ways, many nations like USA, China, and others envy our development, we are not as resourceful as them but we are much brainy and possibly hard working. We must make some sacrifices to beat them. For example no matter what, I did not settle abroad to contribute to brain drain, because I believe in this nation (except for one personal shattering moment when India forgot that I could speak freely).

The logo also has white, that represents cleanliness and purity of mind, a much needed characteristic for an engineer. If ones character is good, ones compassion increases. One must not only be compassionate about business, but for our environment and living things. Humans are destroying the environment at  a large scale, its alarming, wen Indian Engineers design solution they must take into account it aids the environment and our fellow species as much as possible. The nature and enviornment are represented as green strip.

There is a blue cog at the middle, in Indian flag it would be Ashoka Chakram. The cog or gear wheel was very important for industrial revolution, and was a great piece of engineering. The logo rises and falls a bit, showing this is how engineering experience will be. One will rise and fall, but then the logo rises rapidly after fall, which symbolizes as with experience and perfection sets, your ascent will be almost unstoppable.

The cog too represents something, first your achievements are small, but then with that as a base, it would turn a bigger cog, or your achievements will get bigger and bigger.

I hope most engineers are happy with this logo, and proudly display it if they are Indian an engineer, contributing to humanity any where in this universe. One is encouraged to make changes, you can get the logo here

Ramayana, my stlye

I can understand people being dumb, what I can’t understand is that why mighty lord Vishnu is dumb? So is lord Shiva! First why the heck Shiva gave a stupid boon to Ravanan? If I were him I wouldn’t have done it. Why? What the fuck I am God, I know whats going to happen. A bloody war and thousands of lives lost. What the heck!

Okay the stupid Shiva gave a boon that Ravanan that he cannot be destroyed by this and that. Okay fine, but if I were lord Vishnu, why would I need to incarnate as Raman to finish off Ravanan? In the agreement between Shiva and Ravanan, Ravanan did not say that he must not be roasted by a death ray laser. Vishnu could have built a laser and roasted him. He did not say he must not be killed by Virus or a Nanobot, fuck if I were Vishnu, I am god, I would make Virus and Nanobots so that his (Ravanan’s) own body would turn against him and he would die.

Neither did Ravanan  say he mustn’t be electrocuted. Dam if I were Vishnu, I would have told him I invented something (after incarnating as human) and once he holds those wires, I would start a generator, that would have killed him. Fuck I am God, I can move technologies backward in time!!!!

I would have taught him to take drugs, he would have got addicted and would have killed himself.

Neither Ravanan said he should not be killed by a joke

Bloody, I am God, I can write a funniest joke and let him read it by accident. Gods should be less stupid.


Our education system infuses a thought of superiority and inferiority that ruins our intellect. That must change.

I lead a team in my company, possibly the best skilled and disciplined team my company has now. I am proud of them. My lead technique is simple, let my team have common sense and cultivate the brain of their own. Once they can think enough, all I need to do is to pass high level instructions and watch youtube.

But there are some “what the fuck” movements. My team knows very well I care nothing about their personal traits, only their professionalism is what I am bothered about.

And here is first what the fuck. One of my team mate asked me permission so that he could go out for 5 minutes. WHAT!!!!! Why should I care weather he goes out for 5 minutes or a century?! I am trying to build a team on anarchist principle where people manage themselves and then this one happens out of the blue.

Another incident happened where one of my colleague asked me permission to go early. I have never ever laid out timings for my team, and this one stunned me, more stunning was he gave me a reason why he wants to leave early. For a person who has strict rule not to indulge in peoples personal reasons this was kind of a stunner.

In India, even in an intellectual industry like information technology people have the sense of superiority and inferiority, thats stupid, that clearly points to the lack of intellect in the organization. I must infuse more of independent thought into my team and make them more formidable thinking force that does things other teams never would have dreamed of. Till then I am failure.

Any way here is the Zeroth what the fuck. Long time ago, a head weight manager once pulled my team mate and tortured him jut because she saw him playing games, any way I roasted her and am waiting to roast her more when opportunity is available (i.e when her head wight grows again). None messes up with me.


Need to roll up my sleeves and must market for my product Kardrak ( ) , its just a simple website where one can create a simple visiting card and let the world search for it.

Well, whats so big about it? Nothing, nothing is big about it but possibly there are few points:

  1. There are no Google, Facebook or any other tracking on Kardrak. Say you are searching for a plumber, Google will not know about it if you do it on Kardrak, there is no tracking. Not even we will know of it.
  2. There is no hiding of data, or prioritizing of result depending on customers paying us, because there is no pay involved, all cards stored in Kardrak will be the same and will receive same impartial treatment.
  3. Kardrak won’t bug you like any other business network does

Its just be a big dumb business or telephone directory where almost any one on this planet can be searched and their contact details could be got. As simple as it is.

This simplicity, openness and impartiality we offer will throw a great new possibilities for businesses. They can get contacts of people who they can make trade with free of cost. That could change this planet. So lets wait and watch.