Compromising security for time

In recent days IOT startups were blamed for not having enough security in their devices, many of them simply don’t have any. Recently I reviewed server side code of an project and it had none, it stunned me. I called those engineers who were doing it before I could call their boss, and it was evident, very evident, the people who did the code were given no time. They were forced to work round the clock with too many changes in too little time. Worst still, the managers who managed them were once programmers!

In many startups, the person who runs it puts a scene that how his hard work and dedication made him to get at that spot, and how he was so poor at something (if not money) and how he battled it and blah blah. Unfortunately what these people don’t understand is motivation is no substitute to truth.

No matter how much you motivate a person and make him do a thousand things in a given time, then you must know that there will be gaps in the boat you build and it will sink when put in water. Some how people who run so called startups fail to recognize that, they think of some thing today night, they are so convinced about themselves that they bug the tech team to finish it before day break. They think they are Steve Jobs.

Well Steve Jobs is an absolute asshole who ruined the life’s of many just because he want to see success. I wonder why people take him as an inspiration? The computer software and hardware it (Steve jobs companies) develops is crap. It spies on you, if U.S government want to read your file system they can from any place, you must listen to Apples terms and conditions to use their computer. Do you really own a computer if you use an Apple? Think about it!

I wonder why my friends make themselves look like an absolute ass before their employees. I wonder what great product could be built if you have money and not intelligent people around you? What worries me is these were once programmers.

Getting wet in data science

Was going through a data set collected by my friend, to my surprise with some tools he had made quiet good discoveries and was in a position to advice the business on how it should be run. Well, first hand I had experienced data science and it was awesome!

I am getting data fever just like I got fever about web apps when I was using Java swing, and like I got fever about Ruby on Rails just when I was master of PHP. Am learning IPython notebooks now and once done want to goto  Pandas. My first choice of data science was Ruby because of its elegance, but am going on with python because its the industrial standard.

My friend though is using a tool that proprietary , well, he is a windows user, but I want to rely on solid technical foundation and hence am choosing pandas.  But one thing is for sure, if your good at probability and statistics, then data science is the field for you. businesses want to stay ahead of competition, they need some one to interpret their numbers.

Am getting lot of business ideas with data science, lets see where it goes.

Boluchistan is an excellent move

Despite being independent for 70 years, I don’t think Pakistan is a mature state. Unlike us the Indians and our neighbors Bangladesh and Srilankans, all Pakistan did was to go backward to violent culture. Successive governments and military rulers of Pak have tried to stay in power by showing India as a threat and by saying Kashmir should be liberated by terrorism and have neglected their own people. The country is suffering from acute lack of development.

Pakistan has irked India all the time. They tried to break away Punjab from us and now its Kashmir. India on the other hand had always respected territory sovereignty of Pakistan except for the war which liberated Bangladesh. Well, now looks as though India’s patience has run out due to Pak’s harassment.

In Indian Priministers speech, Modi said that Boluchistan will be raised by India to Pakistan. Boluchistan is the largest province in Pakistan, its people have different identity and Pakistan has occupied it illegally ignoring the rights of the people to be independent. Pakistan plunders the natural resources of Boluchistan as its energy rich, and the people of Boluch get almost nothing in return.

We have been quiet about the atrocities that Pakistan is comitting against Boluch, but since PAK’s activities are against us, we must not stay mute any more. I wish Indian government trains Boluch people to conduct warfare against Pak, weapons and money should flow into  Boluch like a torrent. All the PAK’s armies should be actively engaged in Boluch so that we will have our borders free of Pakistan troops who enable to terrorist enter into our territory.

Once Boluchistan gains freedom wee must set up our bases there so that Pakistan cannot easily attack us. I don’t think peace with Pakistan will do us any good, an ultimate war that will either eliminate us or them entirely is the answer.

Jayalalitha is a liar

I live in Tamilnadu, India. Recently there have been many incidents in Tamilnadu that challenges the rule of law. They have been gory murders, chain snatching, and there has been a classic great train robbery in Tamilnadu. Worst is most police stations don’t take complaints for chain snatching. We are convinced police have nexus with thief’s.

I was in office in OMR when the power went out, it was dark and I decided to go home. I drove to Sholinganallur signal and power over there went out as well. Looks like a cop was there and was  directing traffic, else it would have been utter chaos. I just followed the vehicle before me to clear it.

When I came home to Sithalapakkam, soon after there was a power cut and a another, each lasting for 10 minutes. It happens every day. When the power came a news channel ran on my T.V and in it was Jayalalitha telling the Tamilian parliament that there is no power cut in Tamilnadu and she bragged that rule of law prevails here.

Why politicians / leaders are idiots?

I have always wondered why our politicians and leaders are idiots. If you take for instance , you would find a boss who is really stupid and people who are much better than him in intelligence work under him. In real world thats the true case. Money flows to people who work hard and who are energetic and stupid, and others wonder how they had done it. One of my friend too laments about how rich people are total idiots and how their kids are turning out to be more idiotic than them.

Well, this explains . It turns out that intelligent people are so amused with our own thought, we don’t need to do anything, we can just afford to be happy and lazy right on the spot, just without doing a thing. Whereas those with less brain activity and thought in them need to keep active so that their brains gets amused. So they try stuff, be active and achieve.

Our reward system awards achievers and sees those who are active and energetic gets money. In other words we humans were stupid enough to create a system where stupids get more money and power, no wonder!

So when ever you see a successful person than you, don’t worry, you know that you are lazy, you should be sure that he or she is more brain dead than you.

Why the cow brigade doesn’t attack Hindus and Brahmin’s living abroad?

Hindu Terrorism is slowly growing in India. There is one form of terrorism that focuses on torturing people who eat cows. Before the Aryan invasion, Indians did eat cows. Aryans and Hinduism is in fact a foreign to India. Aadhhi Dravadians, Jarwas (who are cannibals) and Dravidians (who are people from Africa / Indus valley) are the true citizens of India. These people ate cows.

Okay lets come back to the cow brigade. Its kind of an armed gang which seeks out people who eat cows, namely the Muslims, Christians and Dalits. This gang rounds them up and beets them till they swear that they won’t eat cows once again. But is the cow brigade truly keeps Indians from eating cows? No!!!

The cow brigade hasn’t smacked a Hindu or a Brahmin’s who eats cows. Many Brahmin’s and Hindus go abroad, and they eat cows when they are there. Well if the cow brigade has true guts, they must beat up Brahmin’s who go to abroad and step on our land once again. Or should beat up those Hindus who are going abroad and stop them. Will they? Or are they willing to admit they are cowards?

Disadvantage Jayalaitha in Piyush case?

An excellent activist in Salem has been arrested, his name is Piyush. He arranged a people movement and cleaned up a dirty lake in Salem and made it a bird sanctuary. Many good things are said about him which I don’t know. But now he is behind bars for questioning a construction of bridge which is not constructed in  right way its claimed. Its said that he was arrested and tortured in jail by 30 police officials who bet him continuously.

Many see this not as a mere arrest, as the arrest of Piyush has no legality behind it. Its extremely illegal act by police, people say. People are gossiping that if some one tries to rise in Tamilnadu and if Jayalalitha knows about it and gets afraid of that person, she would send police to conduct harassment raids and arrests on them so that they would be scared and would leave public life.

It has happened many times in Tamilnadu. There was a man here who sang about evils of drinking alcohol which is morally the right thing to do, Jayalalitha got him arrested and none knows where he is now. Sale of Alcohol feeds money to AIADMK which is governed by Jaya. Jayalalitha, its claimed by the public that she delayed the release of Vishwaroopam and Thalaiva films as she doesn’t want Kamal and Vijay to get fame.

It is said that she doesn’t like any one else growing above her and becoming famous. That might be true, as if you see AIADMK cutouts, you can only see jayas pic and not the pic of local leaders. If Jaya is dead today, none knows who will lead AIADMK tomorrow, whereas DMK has a clear hereditary plan (which is dirty in many ways too as its designed to favor only few families).

During Chennai floods we people rose up. The government watched our city drown, but soon people set up their own adhoc help networks and brought relief to the city.  A AIADMK minister named Valamarmathy, and others tried to disrupt the supplies that people from other regions sent to Chennai, because they were afraid that Jayalitha’s inefficiencies in managing the flood will be known to people. They seized supplies of food, stuck Jaya’s pic on it and made it look as though its supplied by the government. Help groups which refused to stick Jayas pic on their supplies were harassed and their food thrown out to make it useless.

Now the High Court has hailed Piyush’s work and has said people like him are needed for the society. So is it disadvantage Jaya? She may claim to be our leader, but does people really like her?