OSM drone project

Open street map is bloody awesome. Its philosophy makes it far superior to Google maps, there are stuff mapped in it which Google cannot have, like inside of IIT Chennai, which in Google shows as a huge green patch. Google map owns all the data you post to it, but Open street map is open to all and was started with a good intention. No money in mind, its less of management and making profit, but its more focused on providing mapping data to humanity, thats great.

But there is one huge drawback, OSM is not rich enough to have its own satellites and take pics of this planet, some one must provide it. Luckily many people are building  their own drones and they put a camera at its bottom, why can’t they fly it around, take pics with GPS and give it to OSM?

That would be bloody awesome, they can have a satisfaction that they did something great to human race and they could have an flying experience too. Currently OSM is getting pics of earth from Bing. Well Bing is Microsoft, a money minded company than a tech one so…. Nope in the long run.

Poor Birds

The depression was crossing Chennai, Sithalapakkam, accompanied by huge winds and rain. It rained so heavily, thanks to Sithalapakkam Lake that we are not flooded. When the rains were bloody heavy, I was watching out of my window, just then an humming bird came and sat on the window grill. I was stunned moved back and made a “hissh” sound and lifted my hands in reflex and it got afraid and flew away into the thick rain.

Then when I was reading a book, another bird that look some kind of Robin came and sat on the very same grill, seeing me it flew away. Poor these birds, their habitats might have been shaken off by the winds and washed off cold by the rain, they came in for shelter and my fear drove them away. I wish they find a good livelihood.

Humor in Science

‘I hate this I.T business, a single client complains 100 things. I want to start a bonda shop where one out of hundred client will complain’ was my swearing in my office (about my clients ignorance) and all laughed, notably even the people who had newly joined under me. I was making a serious statement one that I thought never was funny, letting out my anguish, and people were taking it funny.

A good bonda shop owner earns far higher than an I.T guy and its far less challenging as its straightforward. Any way thats not what this blog is about, its about science and humor. Its not about its better to be in bad job under a good boss than be in  a good job with bad boss or some thing… Uh how bad bosses make you swear! I wake up everyday determined not to be one and I am not, that gives me immense satisfaction.

I saw an interview with Crazy Mohan on a T.V channel and it was clear he was a engineer, a science guy. Recently I saw a documentary on Richard Feyman and he too was a humorist. Where ever I turn, good programmers have been people with good humor, thank God not unlike the MBA guys / gals, always dull faced and pursuing money than life…. Wonder really what goes on in their brain. Perhaps mystery of uncertainty and randomness can be cracked open if we can crack open brains of all bad managers on this planet, thus ending oligarchy and ensuring an era of peace. But I find people of science are great lovers of jokes too.

I love science and math, and I love jokes and like to make fun too. Its quiet nice to see even me swearing in  a bad patch of my life makes people smile. I feel so superior in doing that when others can find happiness in driving me to work for them in crazy way that makes me sad.

Quiet simply we I.T people are like bottle openers, when our boss wants a drink we become valuable, when (s)he has opened the bottle we are piece of shit till the time the boss needs another drink. And when boss hand slips while opening the bottle, the opener gets trashed and thrown around.

Wish Gold Winner Closes Down

A beautiful morning, and I was off to walk, only to be stopped by somewhat pungent smell of oil vapor polluting the atmosphere. Its this dreaded Gold Winner Oil Company thats located in Sithapakkam and pumping its pollutants into the air. I had to abort morning walk and return back to my room where the air quality was no different. Thanks to the penetrating nature of this pollution.

This Gold Winner Oil Company that promotes good health for every one seems to have failed to notice that its operations are causing irritation, perhaps lack of health and breathing trouble to people located near its factories.

This oil vapor that mixes with the air is thick, stays at the ground because its dense, does not get cleared up easily, and the factory emits the pollution at early mornings and school going hours.

Many at time I had found my sleep getting disturbed by this pollutants creep into my window, thus disturbing my sleep. I am quiet sure the owner of Gold winner stays somewhere far far away where these pollutants cannot touch him.

What about the children that breathe these pollutants and go to school everyday? What about their health? I wonder how people with breathing difficulties live in Sithalapakkam?

One of the press reporters I knew once said that Gold Winner dumps pollutants and waste into Sithalapakkam lake. I wonder how true it is, but of course what happens to solid and liquid waste the Gold Winner generates? Where does it go?

I wonder how and why the politicians of Sithalapakkam allowed people settlement around a pollution and possibly annoying industry? The politicians should take full blame for Sithalapakkams air pollution by Gold Winner and they must close the factory down.

If you think my cause is right, please stop buying Gold Winner oil.