Happiness is in Church

A friend of mine was watching this Paul Dinakaran’s stuff of mesmerizing people and bah blah. “So these people have seen god?” I remarked to which he said his happiest days were the days when he went to church, “well, you went to church when you were in a catholic school, at that time your dad was funding you, now you are on your own money” said I, but he didn’t seem to hear / get it.

Though we have very powerful mind in all animals it can be rigged wrongly. We humans are quiet miserable utting through glare and seeing stuff. I might have received a nutritious breakfast, but I might feel that the day has gone good just because a good looking girl smiled at me. Thats how our brain work. We keep something as important, if stuff goes good, importance of it goes higher, if it goes bad the importance of it goes lower.

Thats why when you are a god believer, and when things go bad, the religious leaders won’t let you blame god (its importance can never go down). Instead they would like to point the blame on sin committed by you, your karma in your past life, or if nothing woks it means god is testing you.

An ya now coming to the second aspect in first paragraph, living with others money. Thats why people in software products company / startups or people who get regular pay (that too Indian government servents) are happier. You don’t have the earning pressure. More happier will be politicians who loot our taxes.

So why people who be happy can’t earn that much? Well, thats a different story. To me, most people who can manage money are dumb, because they can’t even imagine what true computing is (I’m a software pro). To them I am dumb, because I give things, advise, lessons, and my programs away for free, which for them are valuable. The problem lies in how we did things.

Back in hunters era, if humans spotted a heard of animals, they won’t hunt all, they track it and isolate the thing they want to hunt (money and intelligence should be isolated), and each in a hunt have a specific role, and they specialize in it (multi specialty isn’t built into humans I reckon), thus making them perfect even to tackle an animal that has much more special abilities than every single man in the group. We worked as group.

Today too we work as group. Dumb people make and manage money and processes. They can’t be skilled or intelligent enough to know the things to go into making stuff. They are dumb as steve jos, just demanding that computers and cellphones must look good. And intelligent and skilled specialize in doing what we do, and try to  be loyal to the dumb. Well, the dumb think yes bossers are the one who must be paid.

If you are theist be proud of this world God created or be proud of a God who is unable to move a apple tree out of sight of humans. IDIOT.


2 thoughts on “Happiness is in Church

    1. Yes. What about it. Its my view and I believe I live in a nation that theoritically says it supports free speech. Any way have you seen Davinci code 🙂

      What do you think of Periyaar who called you guys cheat? And what do you say about your God who dared to create people like me?

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