Kalyana Samayal Sadham is Excellent

Okay, I  planned on working today, well its new year day, but there was pressure mounting from a client (even though I suspect they have no idea of what they want), but then its a new year, so I wished to see this movie Kalyana samayal sadham.

Just thought it would be just another movie, and started to watch, and wow! In India we have a real problem, the parental generation are stuck with very old traditions, spy on kids, kids are kids ideology. Well thats not bad but it goes to too much extreme and it sucks. And people who wanted to get married want stuff to be in a simple way. If two people like each other, they decide to live together. Thats it. This film highlights it in a good way.

It also highlights that marriage is not a business. Thats what almost all marriages are now here and its not about sex either (though its important). Well if kids above 15 watch it, there is no vulgarity in it I would say, and its nice to see such great movies produced in Tamilnadu.

I think its made by a guy who ha some mindset of the guy who made this http://karthikeyanblogs.wordpress.com/2011/08/07/180-is-excellent/ movie. Nice to see such a film.

And yup, the heroine is wonderful looking 🙂


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