ISRO must liberate nations from United States

Finally we have it. There was a successful launch of GSLV from Sriharikota on 5th Jan 2014, i was out of city, enjoying my time with my office mates unaware what was happening. I was so happy that it was a success.

I am a fan of ISRO, their dream to put India on global space map inspires me. Long ago, while I was in my home I shot this photo

gslv failure

Its a failed launch of GSLV, when it had to be destroyed in mid flight by range safety officer, its debris can be seen coming out of the cloud at the center. It was a very sad moment.

India should have made GSLV a success long long ago, thanks to the madness of USA it took us so long. India had a good partnership with Russia. Russia was prepared to give us cryogenic rocket engine technology ad knowhow to us, but USA arm twisted it [Russia] and buried the deal. Now we have mastered this one, wonder what that mad nation will do now? Lets see…

But we must make technology accessible to others. India should be a good nation. I wish ISRO will help many countries to get their own rocket technology, no matter what USA thinks of it. Enable them have their own satellites launched far cheaply that that rotten USA could offer.

I wish Indian politicians will have the courage to face the Americans in the eye and say that our scientists and engineers are not slave to your money and power. I hope they will make even the tiniest of nation like Cuba have easy access to space, after all, till the day we discover an intelligent species like us, space equally belongs to every human.


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