Thank you youtube-dl

Youtube Logo

I enjoy songs, I watch youtube and wish to have videos right on my computer, in that way I need not exhaust my bandwidth. Being a citizen of technology deprived India where government laws make information download costly, my choice is to have regularly watched videos stored on my disk.

There are some firefox plugins to do it, but some how if one become popular, Google, the evil company which owns finds a way to block downloading it. I am unable to save the videos thats been streamed to my computer. This is loss of my freedom.

Thankfully I found this project youtube-dl , its a python project that lets you download youtube! And Google hasn’t beaten it yet. I wish as computer power increases, and servers become cheap, people can can host their own media servers like Media Goblin so that the thing like a centralized video distributor like youtube will become irrelevant.

Information is food to the mind. Just like its immoral not to give food to hungry, its equally to restrict access of information from the people who seek it. By doing so , we are restricting the progress of humanity.


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