How many of you use Diaspora?

Wondering how many of you use diaspora (D*)? Its a facebook like social networking app, completely free software. Though many Keralites use it, in Tamilnadu the adoption is low. infact many people haven’t even heard about this technology.

Believe it or not, I have more friends on my D* than my twitter and facebook friends combined. And by some means they seem more close to  me than the people I know AFK, because D* people share my atheistic and anarchist mentality. In other words, diaspora helped me to find people with same mentality.

Diaspora is privacy aware, you can delete your entire account which feature facebook lacks. You can chat with  a girlfriend, completely hidden from another one on the same network, its really secure. Diaspora does not promote cheap publicity like facebook where if a guy logs in  a series of girls are shown as potential friends, and vice versa for girls. Diaspora is democratic, we discuss what should be in it here

Well than what else you need. To start with, goto and register your account. Try to connect with me 🙂


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