Names and Corporate Culture

Well, I am back in big offices now. I donno weather I would love it. Last time I was in big office and I was thrown out for my blog (primarily). Well lets see this time.

Okay, I shot a mail to wrong address in my office and in it came a reply saying that you shot it to a wrong wrong address from  a person named Mars. Well where are the asteroids then? MARS? Well its some short of  a lovely Indian name.

Before I was in  a office where a person with beautiful name called Tamil Selvi was shrunk to Tam! Couldn’t believe it, Tamil Selvi is a beautiful name and has lot of meaning to it. Tam might be used, but… What to say.

Indian names have lot of stuff behind it and just because we are following a path of blind capitalism led by United States doesn’t mean we must do all they do. Thomas has a meaning and history behind it, but not Tom (if you are Mark Twain fan please don’t start a troll). One of my friends whose name is Jagdeesh now calls himself Jag,after he received a American green card. It would be more appropriate if he called him Jug as it means something, Or better Jughead 🙂

Though people in my home call me Karthik and I accept it, I wish people outside call me Karthikeyan. Karthik means mere Sun, Karthikeya means lord Muruga, an expression of beauty of knowledge, power and universe as a whole. It means a person brought up by Krithika (a 6 star constellation, where each star has its own character, and are believed to be goddesses) . Trace more, you might unearth  a rich story.

Shyam in Sanskrit means dark, Shyam or Shyamala should indeed be given to people with dark skin, insted people bearing those names seem not to represent it!? Indians seems not to have idea who they are and why they do what they do. I pity those poor souls who always follow THE PROCEDURE, just because people around do it. To be frank hard core Hindus in my nation think that they are true Indians and Muslims are invaders. Well Hinduism is a central European religion!!!

Well, all Indians are not bad and ignorant. Once while I was going through my college magazine (which was filled with crap), I came across a spectacular Tamil name Arivu-sudar-oli, and I really wondered who must be the source of that name. Great people, who possibly think before they leap. Not all is lost. Not everyone is ignorant.

I appose religion, but one must know why we do the things we do. By that way good things can be strengthened, and stupidity like God worship can be banished.


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