Large Scale Universal Manipulation Might Send A Message


Was reading , an excellent thing indeed.

We know that we today can create worlds on  a computer with being having some amount of intelligence, so why can’t we all, this entire universe be a simulation?

Hope physicist find that we are not mere computer code, though the strict obeying of laws seems to suggest we may not be. But we are how to communicate with our creators?

One way might be is to change this universe in a massive way so that people who wrote the code notice it. It might require us to have power to change galaxies. Something which we humans do not posses till now. Power to dive deep and manipulate in atomic levels. We might need to find a loop hole where can create a virus that wil affect the creators physical world or something.

Well even if we are a computer code, what is the guarantee that something that created us is not a simulation itself by something bigger?


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