Political Banners Tied To Lamp Posts

Cheenai’s traffic in peak hours is horrendous. Almost every foot of road is used, being in India, no lane discipline is followed. To add to the woes of motorist, signals won’t work, people will drive on the wrong side, illegal shops are put up on platforms hence pedestrians must walk on the road and we must drive without hitting them.

Recently I have found one irritating thing. Today is our Chiefminister Jaya’s birthday, i Chennai, lamp posts are situated at the midle of roads punctuating the concrete divider that runs at the middle. In recent trends political parties have tied banners to them that jutout 2 feet on either side, which could in a way harm motorist.

Imagine if a speeding scoorist grazing that flex banner reinforced wih iron frame or wood bounded with nail. He can tear his skin and his muscle could get torn apart. His arm could be unusable. Many times while driving I have seen this banners missing my windshield by 7 inches or so and it scares me. To make matters worst, some banners that are not tied properly fall on the road, obstructing 50% of its width.

Be it Jaya, Karuna or Stalin or Vijaykanth. Their banners tied to lamp posts at the middle of road signifies that these people don’t care about the common man, or if they do they don’t ave any control over party men who flaunt traffic rules and have no common sense. Should such leaders be elected to power?


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