Preparing for a Fascist India

Modi worshipping weapons

The recent comment by Mr. Modi on Kejirwal that he is a Pak spy is shocking for me. I do support Modi to become a PM. India needs to have a strong man now. Economy must be lifted, small Industries must thrive, terrorism must be abolished, Pak and China must get a pat to remind them who we are. Modi is the man for that, not Manmohan who nods for congress thats corrupt. Not Rahul who is corrupt.

But somethings about him are purely disliked by me. He once in public worshiped a cache of Arms like AK-47. I don’t know why? Now he has let his mouth loose saying that Kejirwal is a Pak spy possibly without evidence. That sucks. It won’t suck if he just says he has spoken his mood out. Hope he does that.

I wish India won’t slip into Fascism when Narendra modi comes to power, but even if it does I won’t be surprised. I guess Internet too will be heavily censored.

So lets see. Lets see, and have the faith on India. Time and again Indians have come out of the grips of tyrants. We have defeated an empire that claimed Sun never sets on its soil. So lets see if Modi want to see Indians happy, or one that wants to feel powerful no  matter what.


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