What should be business?

Today I sit here and type not as a happy man. Success in economy and happiness are decoupled I feel. I strongly feel humans are defeating the purpose of their lives, that is to be happy.

Well, we all desire to be happy in life. For happiness we need material. things like good bed, systems that keep us warm and cold depending on the weather outside, food that keep us nourished and healthy. To get these materials we need a system of barter and money is the most efficient way to barter so we have to use it.

To earn money we need to exchange our products and services for it. That exchange is called business. In other words we do business for happiness. But, today in many fields, particularly the Information Technology field I am in, happiness seems to be found almost no where. People seem to peruse maddening numbers so that it has a talking point and prestige  attached to it, thats it. In the pursuit of it they turn a blind eye to human values and respect. Moral collapses.

I am afraid the entire world is getting converted to something like Singapore. A city state hats wealthy and prosperous but is deeply sad. Wonder what could stop it.


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