The Love App

I just suddenly remembered a guy in my college. He was desperate for a girl. They were rumors that he proposed a girl, then she happened to turn him down, he proposed another, another until he got a girl to love. Try try till you succeed, he was the perfect example. But of-course he has now married a girl suggested by his parents. Possibly he must have done an MBA (in a college that throws degrees to you for money) and must have mastered the art of surviving like a Jackal.

After ten years I got an idea, he could have advertised in newspapers as follows:

Need a girl to love, will bear all shopping and food expense, call: <his number>

Any way its too late now unless he wishes to have a secret girlfriend, as he now has wife and children.

Well, this blog is about this. Today facebook holds such a huge pile of data and A.I has advanced so much. Why can’t there be a automated love proposal app?

You just enter your facebook credentials, the app scans for a partner amongst your friends. The app is pre-fed with statistics about human relation and behaviour, it forms and sends a love message so convincing to the right partner(s) so that chance of you getting a successful lover is increased. Seeing the relationship status of its matches the app updates its algorithms so that it becomes the most perfect match maker.

Well, one might argue why should one let our own invention to control us? Well then are you beyond the control of money and clocks, that one should ask himself or herself.

I do have hadoop idea of implementing this stuff. Venture capitalist anyone?


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