Treating people in a business

The managements of yesterday and today are still stuck in industrial age era. Say if you have one machine running for a month that’s able to generate a a profit of one lakh means that two machines running for a month should generate a profit of two lakhs.

That’s industrial era, an age where machine that can’t think, have no self respect, have no dignity don’t know what time and tiredness is. But today in very successful companies, I see people are treated like machines that saddens me. Just because they are paid, they are forced  to contribute 100% to their work and have nothing more left for life.

Some people give their 100% to companies because they feel that is their life, but most people work for money so that they can spend it to have their life. Often company bosses do want to give 100% for their companies because its their dream, what they fail to realize that others just want a happy life and they work for their own dreams which could be as simple as reading a book and having a leisure without any frustration.

These bosses are exactly opposite of poets, authors and humanitarians who can think from others point of view and be non selfish. But what to do? Today money rules all, and if more money can be created by creating slavery (mentally if not physically) that will be favored by capitalists and of-course politicians who get funded by capitalist. I see no revolution coming to change it 😦

I feel business owners must realize their is life (if not for them, then for others,) beyond walls of their office or factory.


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