Nee Engey, Excellent!


So there is once again break from MGR, Saroja Devi and Nambiar kind of story in Tamil cinema. Just saw Nee Engey, and it was excellent, possibly will see it once again.

Though not vociferous, I am fan of Nayantara. I feel that she is one among the few who really likes acting, possibly like Sivaji Ganesan. Its a great come back of her after she acted with some stupid political actor who is also son of M.K. Stalin (a heir to DMK dynasty) I think. That guy (Stalins son) acts quiet shit, he simply can’t act, but of course better than Power Star he is.When Nayantara did a film with him my heart stopped.

That rich political billionaire must stop with producing movies and must not spoil his name acting. Hope that will do good for him. Perhaps he can try becoming next heir apparent to Stalin.

Well, Nee Engey is a story of a girl who searches for her lost husband. and the movie is all about weather she gets him back or not. More than that things will spoil the thrill of watching. There is twist in the movie till the last moment.

Wish good luck for Nayantara too. Hope she keeps her food on right places rather than ending up acting with non actors.

Looking at recent Nayantara movies, she seems to like the fact that a girl missing a guy very much only to find that he cheated her. Reminds me of something.

Nayantara and Chimbu

Hope she has a strong mind in real life as she wishes.


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