The leaping girl of Sithalapakkam

Filled my gas tank from a petrol bunk at one end of Sithalapakkam main road and was travelling towards Sithalapakkam junction when a girl about the age of 8 was crossing the road in most stupid way imaginable. She just sees a pocket where road is empty and unaware of on coming vehicles leapt to the middle of the road. Had she been fast in her leap she would have banged into my cars side doors, or worst caught under my car.

I must have stopped, taken the girl to her home and advised the adults over there to assist her while she crosses. But in today’s world one survival instincts kick in  and I putting my profession ahead of unknown innocent life drove on to my office, all the time thinking weather the girl had crossed safely back.

I missed a the girl by a feet or less, saw her face clearly, she was smiling, unaware that my vehicle could have hit her, full of energy, white in color, round face, wearing a white dress with some kind of hollow red or colored spots in it.

Sithalapakkam main road is worst for pedestrians. Vehicles go really fast, there is none to moderate it and near Valluvar nagar bus stop and near Signature there is no way to slow down traffic. There are no proper platforms for people to take a walk, no speed braker reinforced Zebra crossing to safely cross. Its in and around Sithalapakkam very gory accidents have took place. Yet almost none has been done. It looks like those who come to ask for vote never seem to look at these things unless and until another great mishap should occur.

Had I hit the girl, my whole day would have been wasted. People would have named me demon without judicially determining what had happened, I must have paid bribes to police. The little girls family will be drowned in sorrow till she recovers, the innocent girl would have suffered a lot.

If you are from Sithalapakkam and know some one from Signature apartment, please spread the word. We need to pressure authorities to build speed breakers or else I fear something might happen sooner or later.


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