India should keep America in its place

United States of America has done lot bad to us. It promoted Osama Bin laden and terrorism in Kashmir. Provoked Pakistan to act against India. Delayed launch of our GSLV indigenous cryogenic engine by 20 years, hampered and is hampering our independent nuclear program, is trying to control us economically, mixed weed seeds to food grains it supplied to us and so on.

For years India had weak leadership except for few pockets. Vajpyee was a string leader. When there was Godhra riots in Gujrat, America banned Modi from entering its territory. America has always kept silent when  a ruler of a region is tyrant and is ready to listen to it, but if not has condemned them and demonized them.

Modi should be knowing it too well. He has experienced first hand ire of America. More worst America has strip checked our national leader Abdul Kalam which is bloody bloody insult to us. Modi must grow trade, but I wish its with more civilized nations than America. If you take the world map and see, all countries that are suffering today were once allies to America but did not subject to it economically.

India is a rising power, and under strong and efficient leadership could over take USA swiftly than expected. But as we rise we must check America regularly and must remind them constantly what they did to us and must systematically degrade them from the status of hyperpower. Wish Modi would do it.


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