Nitish – A man of principle

Nitish Kumar
Its sad to see Nitish Kumar step down as Bihar CM. I have always admired him. His bold arrest of Mr L.K Advani was really admirable. He was stern opponent of Narendra Modi and stood his ground, come what may. This differs from Jayalalithas stand point where she succumbed to Modi’s charm. Very few so called leaders in today’s India are leaders, Nitish is one among them.

Bihar was long misruled state. Though Nitish was attracted by Laloo Pradas, they soon split. Laloo spoiled his name by involving in scams. When it did look like Laloo was invincible, Nitish struck and became Bihar’s C.M. I did hope Bihar would become a miracle state.

Unlike Mamta Baneerjee who is stupid and acts like devil, naming every opponent of hers as communist, Nitish was different. He was a cultured man, knew politica and administration and knew how to take the state forward. Now that because of Modi Wave Nistishis’s party has done badly he offered to step down.

Its sad that in any organization or system when there is problem or wrong name being slapped on some one, the good guy / gal steps out, this paves the way for evil one to take grip. I have consulted in many companies, offered to work in some, I am seeing the same trend everywhere.

Well who knows in who’s hands Bihar will fall into, a good one or a looter? I wish this state which was knowledge capital of the world once revive and revive fast.


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