Sithalapakkam Dries Up

So it happened. Sithalapakkam has dried up. People are plunging in borewells upto 100’s of feet and all in vein. Sithalapakkam which was once supplying water to Chennai will now compete with it. There seems to be no short, nor medium term plan to to quench its thirst.

When I moved into Sithalapakkam, THE HINDU ran an article saying that Sithalapakkam is the place to live. Plenty of water, unpolluted air and blah blah. As humans came all gets spoiled, and so it did. I still remember 7 or 8 years ago living in what was then a village called Sithalapakkam, going to my terrace and looking at the sky filled with stars. There was almost no light pollution. Now its like T.Nagar or Adyar, not a star to be seen, quiet literally. I am seeing out of my window, and not one! Blame humans on light pollution.

The Peoples Welfare Association of Sithalapakkam had long rallied against looters who looted its water and soil, while we software professionals and other residents saw them and thought they were mad, rather than empowering them we ignored them. And boy its our time to pay. The very same water lorries that plundered us are now making their business supplying water to us. That to ineffective leadership shown by the local leaders, no matter who they are.

Will the residents of this ignorant community ever wake up? Pursue the administration to better take upon projects to boost up ground water, or are we just fit to be losers? Time must tell.


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