Apple is terrified of Android

Its funny to know what Tim Cook, Apple CEO talked of android in WWDC, infact he was bashing it for no reason. Before in Apple confs it used to be greatness of Apple, how good the hardware is, how the device looks and blah blah. Steve Jobs one of the best salesman managed to fool the whole earth, just like religious people fool the world with the concept of God. Being a nature of humans to seek for comforting lie than to confront the bitter truth we sang to their tune.

Now that Android is clear winner, their are more phones, more varieties, you can use it on embedded systems, its FAIRLY free software ( visit ) and its contributed by  a community of developers who are much free in their culture than those developers at Apple who are treated relatively like slaves. Steve Jobs mistreating humans is a common thing, and if you buy an iPhone or iPad or Macintosh, you are funding that cave man Apple culture and the evil Karma of doing your computing at the tears of a developer will set upon you.

Apple can’t match Androd. Android is based on Linux that is based on free development culture.Apple simply can’t match it. It has failed. It was wonderful to know Tim Cook bashing Android rather than saying anything really good about iOS. Infact he was begging developers to develop for iOS as it could and most probably suffer the same fate of Macintosh which was swallowed by Microsoft Windows which was fairly open to many types of hardware.

Poor poor Apple.


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