Low Voltage Jayalalitha

Power line

Few days ago there was a ADMK stage show in Medavakkam, it was brightly lit by generator power. It was evident from surroundings that there was no power in Medavakkam while the ruling party men and women were enjoying in glaring lights at night. Well, it caused a good traffic jam. No wonder as their leader Jayalalitha caused traffic jams in Chennai’s road just because she wanted to take a walk in peace. That’s right no kidding. As leader so the followers (like goats).

This is the sad part, when I reached home I found my entire area dark. Power was cut for a long period that day. Okay let these AIADMK people enjoy their success, but enjoying in midst of a region that has a power failure is not a good idea.

I think I saw in papers that Jaya announced that from June 1, there won’t be any power cut in Chennai. I wonder in awe about that confident announcement as 18 days after that announcement I still suffer from power cuts. I think power cut must must be defined in dictionary as “the normal state in which Tamilnadu exists”.

Even if power arrives, its tremendously low voltage. Microwaves don’t work, fan won’t run up to speed, I am unable to get proper sleep. Having more than 30 MP’s in center, Jaya must tell them to bug the union power minister to start new projects in Tamilnadu and must ask for more share of power from the power stations that are located in our territory.

One good thing Jaya seems to be doing is promoting solar power, but I don’t see any home that claimed that they were able to install affordable photovoltaic on their roof top with government subsidy. The numbers are too low to offset the power deficit.

Tamilnadu politics is a corrupt system, one gets to power not because that he has done above expectations, but his opponent the incumbent gets all the curses of the people. If Jaya does not do any thing about the low voltage, possibly she might get a name “low voltage Jayalalitha” just like “மின்வெட்டு (power cut) Veerasamy” of the previous DMK rule, this might tempt people to vote for some other party.

I am hearing that Vaiko is a good guy, why doesn’t his party MDMK come up? Why does not AAP come up in Tamilnadu?


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