State Bank ATM cheated me

Stste Bank of India

Currently I work in K.K Nagar. There is a State Bank Of Mysore near my office and I went there one day to draw money. I punched in an amount and got the money. Back at the office I counted it and to my dismay I found Rs 100/- was missing. I was bewildered.

I don’t like humans. Humans are good at management, they have a desire to succeed and hence cheat to take a short path. They put 100’s of laws to keep strong strong and weak weak. Humans cheat a lot that’s okay for me. I have come to love computers because they are extremely faithful in right hands. Coming back to the State Bank ATM, I don’t know if it has fallen into wrong hands or it was a random mistake?

I called State Bank customer care and they offered no help. They said since I used HDFC bank card I had to complain there. HDFC too let me down. An operator said she will take a complain but left me for 7 minutes playing some stupid music. I cut the line in disgust.

I don’t know if any of you people have such  a bad experience, but this is the truth. Either banks have programmed ATM’s to cheat once in a while or they have faulty ATM’s at their premises and don’t want to take complaints about them.


One thought on “State Bank ATM cheated me

  1. I had this experience at the end of the year 2012 at Kalakashtri, andhara pradesh. There was a state bank ATM near to the main entrance of the temple. We punched rupees 1000. But the ATM machine gave rupees 100 only. But the 1000 was debited from the balance. We shocked and lost our mind wondering what to do next and the security guard asked us to go to the bank office. We spent a hour in searching SBI office to report the issue. And somehow we managed the telugu language and reached a SBI office where only the manager had shown little interest in listening the complaint. And they advised to report it to ICICI bank stating the reason that we used ICICI debit card. And we made a call immediately, and the ICICI customer care took our complaint and they said that the transaction was successful and as per the record sent by SBI ATM at backend, the amount 1000 rupees was entered and debited. It was clean transaction. So ICICI charged the complaint back to SBI ATM and the customer care advised us to make a written complaint to the SBI branch responsible for that f**** ATM machine and ICICI has promised us to follow up the same. And half a day we spent in bank and gave a written complaint to SBI. We thanked ICICI who didn’t drop the call and held our complaints. 1 month later the amount was credited. We felt that It’s not only the money that we lost on that day, the entire devotional tour that we made peacefully went nightmare. SBI officials didn’t understand that their ATM machine was the problem and kept on saying to report it to ICICI. Only the SBI manager had some patient to listen the complaint. Rest SBI officials under that manager was simply a junks.

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