Who owns India?

Saw this really funny article http://www.themukt.com/2t014/07/31/google-maps-leak-secret-locations-indian-military-bases/ . This is the height of stupidity of Indian authorities.

Google wanted to better map India, so they placed a bait, they offered a cell phone who can map features on to their map, many Indians bit it not knowing that only one in million would get it. So its all well. Then some stupid Indian government officials have discovered that some military area has been mapped and they are bugging google about it.

Say that I am living near military complex. I am been offered a cell phone for free and some one asks me to describe about it, I would surely do it. I have not signed any Non Disclosure Agreement with the military not to talk about them.

I think these Indian officials will bully Google to provide info of the person who has mapped this military base and they will arrest and harass him. I have experienced first hand and know that Indian authorities don’t have a clue about information freedom, and how open internet is.

I think India should go back to Indira Gandhi’s emergency days where everything is banned. Possibly a strong priminister like Narendra Modi could be persuaded to bring heavy censorship into Indian internet. Or possibly they have already implemented huge filtering? Who knows? All I  know is India has and is building extensive communication monitoring network.

There is another question, that is: Who owns India? The Aadi Dravidians? Dravidians? Aryan (Hindu) and Muslim invaders? The rulers of this age? The huge corporates who control today’s rulers? The common innocent human who wanted to win a cell phone by mapping the area he knows? Or is India part of so called planet Earth owned by every species that lives in it?

Answering the above question may put the answer into a thinkers mind of who can map India.


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