Indian solar power can end American era

We Indians have put down a super power. It was called Great Britain. None thought beating it would be possible ans we found a very simple weapon called non corporation. Mahatma Gandhi knew that economy was essential and cut some revenue sources to Britain like salt and clothes. The result: Unable to maintain India, the British quit. Though I think would have been different if Churchill was in power. Being a blood thirst human, he would have gone to any lengths to suppress India.

Now India has an opportunity to end another cruel power. Brits conquered the world using military, USA did with money, oil, arms and war. Its now time to cut the oil revenues of USA.

USA is promoter of two forms of energy. The first one is oil and second one is nuclear. These two energy sources have one thing in common, they can be controlled by a central business entity which can fund political parties. USA does not promote solar so much because any one can access solar energy. You can’t threat a nation saying that your energy supply would be blocked if you get your energy from sunlight.

India will be one of the largest consumers of energy and it will be smart not to depend on oil companies controlled by USA and the west. Narendra Modi  is a strong man, and loves solar, hope he will implement it soon. It would be great if India does not become slave to few corporations tapping sun to provide large scale electricity, if we have distributed electrical generation when almost ever house top has a solar panel, we can prevent corporations from controlling our life’s by  using energy as weapon.


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