Paying for Tata motors mistakes

I first got my Tata Nano about 5 years ago. It was my freedom from my driver. Yes the car made me free and I am able to commute to my job. The parking is relatively easy to find compared to much bigger vehicles. I don’t like to change my vehicle, its quiet good enough.

Almost week or two I got my vehicle, a mishap happened. I was at a junction waiting fr a car to take a U-turn, a young lad who was on his bike that was going at 60+ kmph rammed at the rear of my car.

I have never faced such an accident before in my life before and quiet didn’t know what to do. The lad escaped fearing something. Well, these kind of things happen in life. Though that guy was bleeding from neck to arm, he simply went away with his bike.

I should appreciate nano. The rear bumper acted as a spring, slowing down the impact. The thin metal at the rear gave in absorbing impact, the glass completely shattered from the bikers helmet impact, saving the guy from head injury.  The guy should have been dead, and because of nano’s flimsy construction he survived, saving me court cases. Saying flimsy does not mean in a bad way. Today’s cars are designed to take in impact, saving the humans involved in collision. That’s a good thing.

I gave my car to XXXX Reach, Nano’s authorised service centre and they repaired stuff and mended rear glass. I thought all way okay and was driving the vehicle. After about an year, the rear glass started to shake, I did not know what to do. And vehicle had few visits to XXXX Reach and I was convinced their service was not good.

Now an service guy in another service company claimed that my rear glass would fall any time and it had to be stuck to the car with special glue. I had to say yes. Vehicle is important for me to do my daily commute. It was TATA motors that stuck my glass before, I trusted their authorised dealer, now they come again (int the form of XXX motors) and say that the previous wok was wrong.

I feel like a fool. I am paying for TATA motors mistake. How could I trust that XXX motors which too is a authorised service of TATA motors have done it right? How do I know in another a year or so my rear glass will wobble and needs mending once again?

People please, before buying a TATA vehicle think of alternatives. It would be great if Nano release its parts and glue or what ever so that I can find a good mechanic and mend my vehicle myself.

I wish cars would become open source just like computer software, (and now computer hardware) so that we people have complete knowledge and control of it.


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