Freedom of expression banned in India

Today news is filled in India with a ban on movie that portrays assassination of our former Priminister Indira Gandhi and portraying the assassins as hero’s. Well, when will this bloody nation will learn to respect the freedom of expression? If some one is really hurt and want to kill some body, what can be done about it?

Yes the Pakistanis stirred the Sikhs, which led to Sikh terrorism in India, and Indira Gandhi rightfully quelled them with a iron fist. This must have led to hurting of sentiments of many Sikhs and they intruded her security ring and killed her. Now why should the nation know just the political version of the story? Why can’t we know the story from the assassins side and side for ourselves which is right or wrong? Aren’t we adults?

To say it really frank, even if some corrupt political leaders in India are killed, possibly people won’t mind. Movies that show killing of politicians and portraying the characters as hero’s exist, why not ban them? Politicians are not God, they are one of the most corrupt class on this planet, why not have movies against them? Why isn’t an artists and directors in  a free nation can’t express one views freely?

India must change its status from free democracy to shackled democracy. This is truly not right way to become a better society.


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