Modi Govt Behaving Like a Banana Government

M.K.Gandhi, an Indian pacifist, killed by Hindu extremist group in India

Today Morning, in papers, saw the news on transfer of a Governor of Maharashtra to Mizoram. The insulted governor  resigned to preserve the dignity of his office. People elected Modi to give good governance. Its okay that if some one is pulled off from the post of Governor if he has some case pending on him or if he is a criminal, but just targeting the governors appointed by congress is not good politics.

The BJP has a history of behaving like monkeys. they did this expedition to this Babri masjid under the governance of Advani and they ended up demolishing it. There was a huge massacre of Muslims when our Priminster Modi ruled Gujrat and justice had not been served (I differentiate law and justice here). The RSS was banned as extremist outfit under Indira’s rule. Hindu groups having connection with them (friends of friends of friends may be) murdered Mahatma Gandhi. These people can’t control themselves. No wonder the Aam Admi Party is calling BJP the Taliban BJP.

The people must remember that they have given Modi the rule to bring economic and Industrial development. India must become strong like China, but must respect environment and human rights. We never voted them to play this monkey thing. Modi must make sure that his government is a mature one. Modi can claim victory over himself, if he from now on can behave like a gentleman like Manmohan (minus the tolerance to corruption).


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