Tamil school kids must listen to Hindi speech tomorrow

Europe feared the Aryan race because they wanted to dominate the entire continent, no mater how much the blood shed it was. I am beginning to fear that the dominating character is inbuilt into the Aryans. Aryans invaded India long ago and have become a part of it. The Dravidian’s were pushed south and the Aryans became the dominant Hindi speaking people. Time and again these people have made attempts to undermine our Dravidian culture.

For example in temples even today in Tamilnadu, the Aiyars aka Brahmins communicate to god with  a language called Sanskrit. A language that does not belong to India but came from central Asian tribes men. Though this language is practically not used any where, there is this “Aryan supremacy thing”. Talking to Gods in Tamil according Brahmins seems taboo.

India is ruled by mostly people consisting of North who speak various dialects of Aryan language. India though having many Dravidian language like Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi and so on, has chosen Hindi as its national language. Hindi is Aryan by origin that has heavy influence of Sanskrit.

It is said that Hindi was chosen because most people in India knows it. But if things are chosen because of numerical superiority, then crow should be the national bird of India than peacock and rat should be our national animal instead of the Tiger.

We the Dravidian’s are fighting it. We are fighting to keep our languages alive amidst the constant Aryan attack and mis-propaganda. We believe that one is best educated in his own mother tongue than any other language. We want people not to loose their culture just because some race or language has got their numerical / economic / social superiority. We believe every culture on this planet are equal and must be respected.

The latest kind of propaganda is from the Narendra Modi government. Tomorrow is teachers day, all Central Board schools were instructed to make their kids listen to Modi’s speech in Hindi. Looks like the new government won’t realize that a Tamil kid will understand better if the speech was translated to Tamil form him / her.

This lack of common sense is quiet appalling and according to me shows lack of brain of people who can’t accept there exists cultures and languages apart from their own. A man who must be proud Gujarati has scummed to Hindi, how unfortunate.


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