Evil Twitter ends Twitpic

Twitter is an excellent service. You could post simple messages and let the world know what you are doing, what you think about some stuff. It was “that’s it and no more” at that time. Since it sent out messages to cell phones via SMS, it caught the eyes of investors who thought this was cool. By some luck this service which never should have succeeded, did and now its world famous. Even governments use twitter now. Its the best messenger the world has.

Today we can upload pictures on twitter, but back then it was not possible. So sprang up Twitter spin off services like Twitpic. Twitpic allows you to upload a photo and the photos link along with the message you type would be posted on to twitter. in short services like twitpic were instrumental for the growth of twitter.

Twitter wanted to compete with these services and is not offering photo upload directly to its domain. That’s not evil, but people did use twitpic any way. Twitter could have been more humane. Surely its showing signs that its has tasted power and wants to get evil. It has threatened legal action against twitpic and has said to block its API. This is evil pure pure evil on part of twitter. It has even said since twitpic has similar name it can bully it. That’s bullshit from Twitter.

This was done knowing that Twitpic did not have enough resource to defend against twitter. Its so clear that Twitter want to be a dominant force,  for that its quiet prepared to do any thing and to do any amount of evil. This is really bad.

Twitter in its recent days has started to act like a corporate firm rather than like a firm that support free expression (like say The Pirate Bay). It now filters and blocks tweets based on user country,  it bowed to governments, sold user data to security firms, and undermines ones right to truth and free information.

Twitter is now Evil Twitter. Just like Google which launched Chrome browser so that it can have more control of the internet and promoted it aggressively against Firefox. If you are using twitter, I would hope one day you would try diaspora ( you can find its servers here http://podupti.me/ ) and uphold freedom of information.


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