Unforgettable day at Jaya Engineering College

There is a great man called Mr. Kumaran who is HOD of computer science department in Jaya engineering college. Having I got an engineering degree, I have always felt the need for great engineering teachers. Only a diamond can cut a diamond, we need great teachers to produce great teachers and engineers to keep the knowledge in our society flowing and refining over time. Many to be frank, teach for money and are happy with that. There is no wrong or harm in it, but only a rare some take extra ordinary steps.

Mr. Kumaran is one of them. He is striving to bring more awareness of  free and open source software amongst his pupils and that’s great. Being an free software advocate, I have to salute him. He is installing the culture of curiosity and exploration in the minds of students. Apparently this is what all colleges must do, but how many of them do it really?

Jaya Engineering because of Mr. Kumar is churning out knowledgeable people. Being a user of free software almost entirely since 2006, what the students have learned in Jaya college may even look childish to me, but they have kept few steps, tasted freedom and possibly will prosper by knowing about it. HOD’s from other college must contact Jaya Engineering, interact with Mr. Kumaran and MUST (, A TRUE MUST) implement same kind of foss clubs in their colleges.

The enthusiasm of this free software is installed in the heart of Mr Kumaran possibly due to ilugc ( Indian Linux User Group Chennai ), one of the most powerful yet humble linux user groups in India. This group contains great jambawans like Lt Mr. Kennith (who I had no  chance to interact with ), Mr. Srinivasan ex-collabnet employee, Mr. Raman (an engineer working in railway hospital), hot and fiery and yet a man of dedication Mr. Tyagarajan, my friend Mr. Madan who runs his company Techartus and many more heroes who I don’t know. I really don’t know if  their contribution to open source will go unsung, and undocumented only to be forgotten in the eons to come. The work they have done and they are doing are enormous. Truly enormous and with passion and humility.

Personally I am very happy. I met a young lad named Gautam who is ilugc coordinator, though  he is nervous, I feel he is the right candidates, chosen very wisely Mr. Srinivasan. A young leadership, to lead ilugc is must. He is quiet determined and has thoughts in his mind to improve ilugc.

Another person I met was Mr. Ganesh, an researcher from CSIR, a expert in spectroscopy. His idea is to make spectrometers so cheap that it can be a household appliance, just like an blender is now. We can buys a bottle of coke, pour a sample into it and know what chemicals its made off, know what our tap water contains, what coatings are used in good looking mangoes and apples we buy. He is true hero, he walks without slippers, has the looks of Katrathu Tamil hero’s unshaven appearance, but has heart of gold. A man who isn’t yet conquered by corporate world and money, I only wish the world doesn’t let him down. If such great men are hurt, I am sure humanity is worth not to exist any more.

Great minds speak about ideas they say, and that’s what we did. On the bus back, we spoke about free software, about the message the film Apocalypto conveys, how greed of man will destroy not only him but the whole earth. It was not like going to  a marriage and being asked silly questions like “how are you?”, when I say “if you give ten lakhs and I will be happy” , people laugh as though I don’t mean it. With these people I can discuss ideas, how passionate one can be in his life, how to improve humanity with ones passion, how to liberate people using proprietary software. Those are ideas, ideas to spread truth, that’s what I like.

If Harinath and Naresh Aravind are reading this I would like to thank them for calling me up, inviting me and arranging most of the transport. I also thank the people who served food for me there. I wish Jaya engineering model of conducting free software events is implemented all over Tamilnadu, I am sure that Linux User Groups (LUGS) will support you.


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