A book on I.T industry

Hello People,

On a cigarette pack there is a huge cancer warning, when there is a smoking or drinking scene in a movie there is a warning message. When you want to join the military there is no warning of possible death but just talk of bravery.

Now there is no warning about the I.T industry too! We all are keeping it hushed up. I am planning a book on the good, bad and the ugly part of I.T industry, to expose the truth, to expose the glory of its wealth as well as indignity in it.

I want to talk to people to learn about the facts, learn how one is missing life in pursuit of becoming next Bill Gates, or how one has become the next Bill Gates and is having a good time.

I have talked to a publisher about it and he seems thrilled about the idea (mostly the Psychological and Health effect the industry has on people). I want volunteers to tell me their story in software industry (all data will be kept anonymous) so that my book can give right guidance to people who read it.

If you want to be part of my project mail me at 77minds@gmail.com or call 9444018524.

Its not enough if we have software, I think we must aim to create a system in which people who create software taste freedom.
Thanks for reading.

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