Mending India and Pakistan problem

Some one in the Bhutto family has said that Pakistan would not stop until every inch of Kashmir is gained. Well I think India’s response should be “India will not stop till Boluchistan is independent from Paks”. The truth is both are not looking at the problem that divides them.

Pak was formed because some muslims feared that their way of life would be in jeopardy if they live in Hindu majority land. Muslim league can’t win against congress as many muslims supported the congress, so they wanted a place where their party can thrive and hence Pakistan was created.

We simply can’t blame the muslims. Hindus attitude was terribly wrong. Hindus treated muslims like they are a impure people, even though they go to muslim homes at eid and eating copious amount of briyani. Even our ex-president Abdul Kalam wrote in his book Wings of Fire, where he said his master Mr. Sastri’s wife was not happy serving food for him (a muslim). We fought against each other just because of something called God who’s existence hasn’t been proved yet. Even if its proved, then we will need to ask who created God? I know the answer for that 😉

There are quiet a bit of rationalist in India, Periyaar is one who stands tall amongst them. I am quiet sure even in Pakistan where in every house people are being thought that if you don’t believe in God, it means you are in the grips of Satan and deserve to die, there will be non stupid minds that will think rationally. Those minds will think beyond religion and dwell in the land of facts than in the land of old book who’s scriptures have no scientific backing. These are the minds that will realize that God is an invention of man, he invented it so that he can feel secure and can feel that there is a meaning in his existence.

Its these sought of minds that realize the stupidity of man’s thought I feel, and will unify India and Pakistan. These minds can think beyond religion, think beyond beliefs that has no proof, these minds don’t see irrational inequality, these minds can see what hurts others and what does not, these minds extend the hand of compassion.

There must be a dual nation rationalist club, like “Indo-Pak rationalist club” that will form a bridge between these two nations. If there is no difference between religions or better if there is no religion whats the need of Hindustan and Pakistan?


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