I hate Subramaniya Swamy

Subramaniya Swami is the Hero of Tamilnadu today for unearthing corruption in politics.

He says the Tamils must bow to Hindi and learn it. He behaves in a way that he has no sentiments for fishermen. He has the dominance and the will to control others like that of an Aryan (Hitler is a Aryan). His brain is like a baked brick, fixed and inflexible. But he is a good man, and I hate him.

To be honest, I am saluting Subramaniya Swamy today. The seeds he has sown long ago has borne fruit after 18 years. He was the one of the first one to report Jaya had large volumes of wealth, disproportionate to her earnings and salary which was just Re 1 per month, that is just 1 penny. Yet she has millions on her name, possibly billions. We need Swamy, without him corruption in Tamilnadu will be rampant.

All Tamilian parties are corrupt. Periyaar rightly said, freedom means nothing, all it means is the business of looting is being passed from the white skinned to the dark skinned. How right was he! How prophetic is words are!! How helpless we citizens are at the face of political class. Though we know they loot, we are unable to do much. In fact unable to a thing. Like trees we must watch them putting an axe to our lively hood. When will we become like tigers? We may go extinct, but people will remember us for our bravery and fight.

Swamy must do more. He with his sharp tongue and by others misinterpreting his idead has earned a very bad name amongst tamilians, he must try to reverse it. We Tamils are fools, we can see no other symbol other than the rising sun or twin leafs while voting, and fools we will be for years (possibly till the earth ends). It will be great if we had another Periyaar who would dare to speak absolute truth, but since not many have such a will and wealth, we must settle with Swamy kind of guys who try do good but want us to subdue to Hindi like the Marathis of Bombay.

Its been 18 year, I don’t know when Dayalu ammal , Karuna, Kani, Raja will be got before justice. I wonder will they ever be caught by the law. I wonder what will happen to coal-gate, will the Gandhis and the Suresh Kalmadi would have a last laugh before they pass out of their life’s and we Indians must bear the fact that we may be never be able to fend off corruption from our land.

Downing of Jaya is only a minor pinprick to the political class in this nation. Already her attorneys would have found loopholes in law, must be preparing to secure her release. I wish there is a powerful anti corruption and anti political movement that is citizen funded with open accounts that will spell a doom to corruption in this country. I wish there is dynamic democracy where one who voted for ADMK and saw his MLA doing rowdyism on street could can go and change his vote to NOTA or to other candidate right now.

Will dreams always be dreams in India?

Any way salute to Subramaniya Swamy. Thanks a lot for cleaning up corrupt Tamilnadu (a bit).


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