Wonder why Hannibal did not apply Fabian strategy?

Hannibal is no wonder one of the greatest generals of all time. His military campaign against Roams is one of the most spectacular one in history.

His tactics involved provoking the Romans, making them to attack him, as they did he annihilated them in battle. This worked well until a Roman strategist named Fabious Maximus denied confrontation with Hannibal and harassed his supply lines to make Hannibal’s troops weak.

While this was done, Scipio another Roman general went to Carthage (Hannibal’s country) and destroyed it. Hannibal was called off his campaign in Rome to defend Carthage.

Hannibal was successfully halted in Rome by Fabian using his strategy of denying war and cutting off supply lines, any by slow harassment. This was so successful, that this strategy is called the Fabian strategy.

One thing I can’t reckon is why Hannibal did not use this same Fabian strategy against Scipio in Carthage? Why was Scipio made to taste success which finally led Rome to conquer much of the known world at that time. Strange!

As a person interested in strategy I would like to know about that. Was Scipio had a way to guard his supply lines too? Certainly he did learn much of his strategy fighting Hannibal. Should investigate.


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