Should cry babies rule Tamilnadu?

Paneer selvam crying to get good remarks from Jaya, but is he willing to get good remarks from the people?

Tamilnadu and Tamilians had set an example of gallantry, bravery, love of motherland and presence of mind. When there were ancient kingdoms, pitched battles were common, a man seeing his son getting killed will still go on fighting in the battle field because he loved his land. Today we see Karunanidhi doing anything to get Kanimozhi cleared of 2G scam. A Chiefminister crying to get attention of ex-leader jailed for scam.

This blog is not about Karuna’s family, but its about AIADMK. There was a king called Manu-needhi-cholan, who sacrificed his own son just because he had done injustice. But today we see ADMK people begging Tamilians to support them so that they can bring out their leader who has done injustice to this land.

Tamilians were never historically tolerant wrong doers. “Though committed by God, mistake is mistake, mistake is mistake” said Nakeeran before angry lord Shiva and he was reduced to ashes. Nakeeran never feared god, for him right or wrong mattered. I feel we Tamilians are loosing that fire and ceasing to be Tamilians. Being a Tamil is not just speaking it, but a way of life.

I wonder if Paneerselavam is ruling Tamilnadu or is crying on Chiefministers desk thinking of Jayalalitha? Its a pity in a civilization where dignity and honour was more than life we see people committing sins for the love of their sons and daughters and begging for their sined leader be released out of Jail illegally.

What a shameful people are they. What a shameful civilization I am in. Cry Paneer for a good man going hungry today and I will salute you. But if you cry for a fouled leader, the people will surely spit on you.


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