Morning Music

Now I am once again about to forget it. Today it was African chorus song, a very beautiful one, but I am unable to capture  it as I know nothing about music. Its been random occurrence, some day just before I wake up , I hear really really pleasant music in my dreams, just the kind I always wish to hear, the effect of this music last few hours  and I forget about it few hours after I wake up. I don’t see any visuals while I hear that extremely pleasant music.

I have never heard lyrics or singing till now. But today was an exception, though it was singing, it was by a group of African children and an African man, they were singing a tune. The tune as usual was divine. Irony that I am unable to capture it. I wonder why I get these dream, I surely don’t know to capture these tunes and make a living, I wish a musician who wishes to be great get it. All these tune does is give me a pleasure for few hours. What an irony.


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