Failing Pakistan

Terror Training Camp in Pakistan

Pakistan is clearly loosing its path. Something is set in the minds of its rulers that they have no better job than to have war with India, use Taliban to control Afghanistan, export terror around the world. Its highly unfortunate that its military does not listen to democratically elected government and  has a mind of its own.

On the other hand India’s position is very clear, we just want to develop economically, then we can ask the world to sing according to our tune, just like China has done. Its for that we have a very powerful government now. For some reason these Pakistanis cannot escape the Kuran, the text written 2000 years ago and people who (mis)interpret it to see their own ideas come to shape.

Unfortunately if the ideas involve not creating sorrow, its good, if the idea causes progress its good, but most probably it causes destruction. I don’t see that nation coming up, unless the learned and middle class rise. I think one day Pakistan will become so radical that they will welcome Islamic State unrolling red carpet for them. Who can stop fools becoming more radicalized?

Hope Pakistan take care about its people than diverting attention on war and terror. Sikhs in Pakistan are saying they are ill-treated. Boluch people are been plundered of their gas and oil wealth yet no development takes place in Boluchistan which has made them cry out for independence. Young people there are fed up of restrictions they face in the name of religion. Pakistan must improve. It should become a peaceful nation, and must try to satisfy aspiration of its citizens.

But, ya, who could really stop a fool from being foolish?


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