Programmer and MBA’s brain

Like everyday, I ponder about the stupidity thats runs in humanity. Today I was thinking about Programmers and MBA’s brain. I have consulted for many companies and my primary job is to code. Though sometimes I may declare coding sucks, eventually I return back to it, it looks like without coding I am fish without water. I disliked coding not because I really disliked it, but I disliked the way coders were treated. Recently in a company I consulted, I was told that I am not an engineer, it shattered me, then I came to realize that it was told just to apply pressure on me, when the same guy stared to shout for stupid things, I ended of my consultation since I can’t work for a mad man.

Now lets see about the brains of Programmer and MBA. I love programmers, thy are straight and logical in thought, scientific in  approach, one thought does not mix with other. Its this logical separation enables them t o isolate a problem, test how the problem is related to just a few number of variables and they can deduce a solution from it. In fact scientist and programmers achieve a result not thinking too many things but instead having their thoughts concentrated on one or very few number of problems. Its thats how the male brain works.

On the other hand MBA’s, God! MBA’s think like women, their thoughts are not in separate compartments but like that of my girl friends. Some how happiness and money seems to be related to my girls, while I wonder why a bushman (these people don’t have money, they don’t even know what it is) in Kalahari is happy while Ambanis, DMK and AIADMK (DMK and AIADMK are one of the most corrupt political parties on this planet) people are sad. For MBA’s, everything seems to be related to everything. For example some people urge me to shave and wear formals to office and I wonder how it could be related to coding? Some how they seem to connect them together in ways we possibly can never imagine. They are like Macintosh people who relate beauty to fine performance and buy apple products like heard of goats. they are unscientific, afraid to think and unable experiment alternatives.

We can think like this MBA’s thoughts are like a balloon, but tied to ground with many strings. these strings provide stability to the balloon and prevent it flying off even during gusts, but since its tied with so many strings to ground below, it simply can’t move, be agile and reposition itself very easily and simply can’t respond to changes. But programmers thoughts are like that of a free floating balloon, isolated tied by no strings adjusts and responds to changes.

This might also prove why programmers wander from company to company often. How could a person of free flowing thought stay in  a place where things are set in cement? How could rigid systems exists in this universe in which change is the only constant?


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