Huge huge setback to anti-corruption

Indian Judicial system has let out Jayalalitha (the corrupt as of now) out on bail.

I am shocked that Queen of corruption, our former Chief Minister Jayalalitha is released in bail. Out of Jail, she can indulge in activities that will make witnesses overturn statements thus make her free herself from be convicted of corruption.

Today is also a rejoicing day for our political class, they now know that no matter how much you loot, there will be a heard of sheep’s putting you in political stardom, and making you look equivalent to God.

Looks like no politician likes India and Indians. Looks like they will stick to political parties that will help them loot. When leaders of parties are declared as criminals, they would say justice is skewed, indulge in criminal activities like damaging private property. Eventually if their leader is released in bail, they will behave as though their leader is totally freed of all charges.

Should a nation with such idiots survive? I think we are going to crumble like Taliban occupied Afghanistan. If state is crap, even the central govt is crap too. I read in paper today that our union government won’t pursue those who have locked wealth of this nation as black money in banks abroad. Looks like Narendra Modi isn’t serious about corruption either. Wonder what happened to Modi who came to power claiming that he can reduce power considerably?

Wonder whats going to happen. Will our children, grandchildren and generations beyond are destined to be slaves of corrupt politicians?


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