The rise of Duck Duck Go

Google started with an ambition of becoming the worlds best search engine, but now its faulting. Try downloading a torrent for a book from internet, if you ask Google it will show only results from Amazon (and thats not torrent). It looks like Google has tie ups with Amazon and is promoting Amazon results than others.

People who do power search are fed up with Google. Apart from showing favorable results, Google tracks everything you do. It wants to know what you type  in your documents, personal blogs, what you speak with your girlfriend, who your family and friends are, what places you visit. By giving you its service for free, Google wants you to be a thing to which people can sell their products. That sucks.

To make matters worst, if you talk against your country and if your country is bad one like USA, India, China or a Taliban ruled state or something, its well known that Google gives your data to your rulers without your consent. Google is no more “don’t be evil” , Google is now mega evil.

Fortunately there are good enough search engines. I tried to search for a book which I know was free, and tried to download it, I searched in Google and it did not show the results it showed me 6 moths ago. Then I tried to search it on and I got it in  an instant. Most of my friends are reporting the same thing, results now in Duck Duck Go is so better that they are switching to it. Perhaps Google is just limiting itself to favorite few searches and no longer bothers about power users.

I think Google is in its old days. The days when the company was governed by tech people seems to be over, now its been controlled by hard core management guys, and that means they look for stock price raise and profit than benefit for humanity. I strongly feel its time for the world to phase out this no longer valid search engine and switch to


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