Deteoriating law and order in Sithalapakkam

Law and order in Sithalapakkam has reached a very low as I am concerned. I heard a thing that shocked me today. The KVB bank manager Mr. Prem Kumar was locking up his bank and reversing his bike, when its wheel touched the foot of a young lad who was standing on the way. Mr. Prem asked sorry, the lad  and his friends responded by asking who are you to ask sorry or something of the sort and trashed him.

Weather they planed to get the bank keys and loot or what is unknown. Or is it due to high concentration of alcohol shops around this region, who knows? Its said that the guys who trashed him have been caught. Never such violence has happened here, where an innocent man was trashed for no reason.  Its said that those people are from near by Chemmencherry which consists of slum settlers displaced from Chennai. They traditionally break the law or to be clear they simply don’t recognize law.

Its sad that Sithalapakkam that mostly consists of white collar workers (who indulge in white collar crime like tax fraud) have to confront with these petty criminals who deal with low amounts, mostly rowdyism and occasionally murder. I also came to know that once my mum noticed a guy trying to scale our compound wall a month ago, while she shouted for help he ran away.

With these kind of people who resolve to violence for nothing  coming into Sithalapakkam, even occasional stroll at night will become something to think of. Letting a child or older people walk on street is kind of unthinkable and no one know when his or her home will be broken into and they possibly murdered for these thugs quest to gain easy access to money.

A police station in Sithalapakkam will do good even if the police indulge in maamuling (a process of getting routine bribes and freebies) shops. At least people can feel safe. But how long will it take to have a police station? India has high police to people ratio, yet most of the force is used to protect political leaders and the common man is forgotten.

We at Sithalapakkam are seeing our water been stolen by commercial tankers everyday, possibly one day we will get used to regular theft and occasional murder then and there. Perhaps thats the destiny of Indian people, the fruit of a corrupt democracy.


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