The Alien View

A: So you did not make contact, not make them aware that we exist

B: Nope

A: Why, we are superior to them in many ways, we need to know what they are and how they go about, we need to know weather they have unlocked any thing, do they know some thing what we don’t know? Or we can lift them to our levels

B: Well, perhaps, but though they are very young, just 2 billion years old, the one species in that blue marble seems to have a infectious disease that I think might ruin our galactic civilization

A: Whaz that?

B: Well there are about some people there who goto a system and type something and see a large number

A: Okay

B: Then they call upon many people to say that they can give some of this large number to that one

A: Why?

B I don’t know but listen, that ones with the small number on his screen agrees to be a slave to the guy having large number and he works for five days. Then he does not work for two days.

A: What he does for the two?

B: The large number guy has put some of his number to the small number guy, who then divides it into smaller numbers for his food drink, entertainment, and give those small numbers to others.

A: After the two days?

B: The small number guy’s number becomes almost zero and he goes to the large number guy to get more numbers

A: We can make any number appear on our screen without going to any one

B: Yeah! They are some kind of stupids who control each other with these numbers, why can’t they just make numbers appears on the screen?

A: I am not a stupid to be slave for numbers appearing on my screen, I can make what ever number appear on mine. Do they realize they are stupid?


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