Bharat Matrimony Cheated my Family

Well, the pressure for me to marry was on. No matter where ever I turned, every fucker asked me weather I was married or not. Living in fucking conservative India I had no choice but register a service, Bharat matrimony was my choice. I registered for it, and I cared not much. I did get some emails in which girls were there, I just browsed their profiles and thats it.

Bharat matrimony guys were a pest. Every time a girl offered me a like or sent me a message they would bombard me with phone calls to pay. Their service was bad, I soon realized they are there just to make money than to connect people who would like to marry.

I at a time got fed up with their calls and said that I don’t like their service and instructed them to delete my account. But that did not happen. They kept bombarding my email with spam, when I opened a email, immediately I would get a call saying that I had to pay. I had to remind them once again how worst their service was.

It became clear to them that they can’t extract money from me for their worst service. But those guys are cunning. Today at home I got a shocker. They had called my home, they had lied to my mom that I am  using their site extensively and they need to be paid. My mom not having a single knowledge of Internet agreed. They came home, got money and whizzed away. Even though they knew categorically that I hated their pest and service.

Now if you are one of those stinking fucking ass hole who bugged me to get married and caused this loss of Rs 3000/- from my family, are you ready to  pay it so tat to prove that you are not a fucking asshole?


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