Penultimate stage to freedom

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

A information I have is mine. I have the right to share it with whom so ever I like. A Mexican can’t charge me if I eat Poori with Potatoes just because they were the first to get the knowledge of potatoes. An East Indian can’t charge me for using my computer as they were the first to come up with the concept of nothingness or zero.

Poori and potatoes
Poori and Potatoes

If I hear a recipe of cooking a great briyani, I will share it with the world, because I love it. Its my right. I have the data and its mine. Once Information flowed freely in this world. One was free to share his or her knowledge with any one, people simply did not think about copyright. Then came these capitalist. They started attaching value or money to almost anything. Soon even mothers  unconditional love and sunlight may need to be paid as these stupids might even assign a value to it. Its very sad, its sad that we are the only species that pay to live on the planet thats mother to us.

But legends are rising. There are pacifist who try to make case with the rich and content creators, trying to persuade them that what knowledge you own and claim to have copyright is not entirely your own, it was got by you either observing the universe or from some one who has made a statement who has observed this universe. But money mongers are money, they see the value in everything and ignore the stupidity of perusing money. They simply don’t have enough neurons and they must be left out and should be banned to evolve. Pacifism is not an option.

Its nice that now the copyright evilest have started fighting the file sharers and internet freedom seekers (the non pacifist). This is the penultimate step to get freedom. They have ignore the call of the people to share information freely to progress the human race, they have done it all to get rich at the cost of slowing down progress of humanity and life as we know it, and they don’t realize a bit that greediness is a sin. Their ideas and wealth must be destroyed and they must be made to realize humanity is more important than they getting rich.

The Pirate Bay

But now they fight us. The take down of The Pirate Bay is a classic example. But are torrents out? No way! Will file and information sharing end? No way! Will this scare and create no more martyrs and crusaders of information freedom? Now way!

We the supporters of information freedom are just one step from victory. And victory will be achieved. So start sharing knowledge freely without worrying about copyrights.


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