Nazi’s of the East

Its no wonder that an Aryan party named Bharithiya Janantha Party (BJP) is behaving like Nazi. We the Tamils are Dravidians, we have our own way of life, our own language and own culture. We are proud of it and we are proud of the fact that first cities in Indian soil were created by us, now refereed by historians as Indus valley civilization.

But successive waves of Aryan attacks are undermining us. An Aryan party has now called against a book published by one of our authors named Perumal Murugan. They had found some faults with his book Madhourabagan. This is not the first time the Hindu groups have attacked us, they have attacked films like fire that are nothing but works of art.

Its sad that in our own land we have to live under the shadow of the racist Aryans and their Central Asian religion named Hinduism. Much of our culture and tradition  have been destroyed and even our language Tamil is under threat from them. Though knowingly or unknowingly they destroy us, we have always added value to Aryan culture.

For example in Ramayana, according to Aryan texts Ravanan the demon king (he was demonized just because he was a Dravidian), caught the hands of Seetha while he took her away from her husband Raman. Whereas in south, one touching another woman is considered sinful, a Tamil never touches a woman of others, that runs in our blood. So according to our texts, Ravanan plunged his hands into the ground and lifted Seetha along with the earth under her feet, never to touch her. In fact according to us Raavan never looked at Seetha in her eye but saw just her feet.

According to the Aryan text, Raavan fell in love with Seetha and did his act with lust, according to Dravidian text, Raman and Lakshmanan dishonored Soorpanakgai, sister of Raavanan, and to avenge that Ravanan bothered Seetha, and wanted the Aryans know messing women is not right. In fact Raavanan, never misbehaved with her, she was kept safe and away in  a park. It was Raman who illutionised that his wife had become impure.

This type of improper behavior with women by Northerners is evident in the recent Srilankan war. Its well known that Sinhalese and Tamilian armies respected women on either sides, but its said that only after Indian forces went to fight, rape and torture of women were used as a method of subduing Tamilian population.

Before these Hindu  people can interfere with Dravidian culture they must check which one is pure and impure? A culture where men think their women have become impure and his enemy touches their women. Or a culture where one never thinks of others woman and respects their privacy and intimacy.


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