Exploitation of Children by State

Look at the beautiful video above. Good looking kids playing music, but how was it achieved is the question. For example you are most likely to read this blog on your computer. Was your computer created without spilling human blood? Have you thought about it? Was the software you are using created by a programmer who felt happy creating it or was he forced to do it by exploiting his lack of financial wealth?

This blog is about kids, how the society and groups shamelessly exploit them. The video above is most probably North Korean, a state that wants to boast of its human talent. It forcibly makes its kids learn and play music and they are forced to achieve perfection. Now the video doesn’t look that beautiful, does it?

Its not only in North Korea, exploiting innocent children happens in India too. How many schools force their students to attend independence day? Thus robing their independence. Very soon we will be having our republic day, and are the children who do march past are doing it willingly or are they being forced?

My school (Vidya Mandir Adyar) exploited me too in all the ways above and it gave me lottery tickets and told me to sell it for school fund even though I paid a fees that profited them.

How many have you told your children that there is God by having concrete proof that God exists? How many people have told your kids that there are Ghosts and Satan knowing that they don’t really exist? How many of you have told your kids that one has to be good knowing that you yourself are a sinner? And the child is your child!! So most probably it would be a sinner too very soon. You humans suck and are really comical. ROFL.

For some reason we adults and the State as a whole exploit children. We tell them  this is right to and thats not right just because we have belief in certain values in a blind way. I think we must change, just because some thing is young and powerless, it doesn’t give the right to the old to devalue their thought and exploit them. Wonder when will humans change? We won’t, we need to be destroyed I suppose.


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