Who should enter I.T industry

My last post on employees having unions in I.T industry has attracted ire of some of my friends who are running small businesses of their own. Some though welcome it. The problem is this, its not about unions, but how unions are or were used. Unions are good indeed, they were made to protect employee interest, as with any  system in which power is concentrated to a few and others are left out of deciding authority, problems arose.

A employee union must not alone think of the short terms goals of few leaders who lead the union, but long term goals of employee as well, which is nothing but the health of the company in the long term. It also means that the union must be ready to sacrifices when the company dips low. If you are one who like unions you must be able bear the weight of the company when the company business is low. An union must also prevent employees running away from their offices like rats as soon as they feel slightly uncomfortable. In I.T industry loyalty is near zero.

So why? Why this is happening? In todays age, people choose their education, job and lifestyle not based on their likes and passion, but viewing the earning potential. People have lost their hearts and blindly see what others see of them. When the entire society or most of it behave such way, we don’t have a society but a graveyard of walking corpses. Thats what todays I.T industry is all about. Filled with corpses. Corpses that can’t think, corpses that don’t have commonsense.

When one works with passion and interest, their employers will be forced to rely on them, then employees demands should be met. If you do any thing with passion you will become great in it, then even if one ill-treats you, you will have many doors opened, so you can jump companies till you find a proper one. There are lot of good employers who suffer from lack of good employees, you could be their Saviour.

So if loyalty and dedication to job increases, then why not, unions won’t be seen as such a bad thing. Or if one needs a system like communist state, then it means you are slave of the state. In other words, if your system tells you to kill yourself you must do so. Is any one willing for that?


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