No wonder Pope bats for censorship

Fooling people in the name of God forever….

False needs hushups, and if hushups and censorships are not guaranteed, false falls and truth prevails. Every sensible human knows God does not exist, even one who does say God exists won’t believe someone else who claims he has seen God, neither he will send me $10 as God told me those who read this blog must send me that amount every month.

We have seen evil regimes spying on people, trying to cover their corrupt practices. USA has the NSA, UK has GCHQ. Vatican too has a system, its fear, fear of hell. And those who obey it will have mental peace so that they are ensured to go  to heaven.

Ask Vatican where is heaven and hell? No answer. Tell it to show God, no answer. Show Satan, no answer. Its clear, religious institutions around the world were, are and even now when its evident whats the truth and when its evident that their scriptures are mostly myth and false are making people believe in superstition and the name called God, Satan or what ever. Isn’t it immoral to make one believe in something that does not exist?

Censorship is what they will bat for.


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