What the Ukrainians don’t see

I saw an article on http://devbattles.com , which attacked India in particular, it stated that how outsourcing to India wouldn’t work, as Indian cognitive, particularly programming work force is under skilled.

Yes thats true, our programming workforce is under skilled, our college system is bad, ex-politicians and liquor sellers have turned our education system into a money making machine, people just get their college degrees and not education.

But there is a blind spot in those Ukaranian article, they seem to be in  a hurry to defame India and get a quick advantage out of it. We Indians are 1.3 billion, more than 1 Lakh engineers come out of my state Tamilnadu alone, lets say that out of that 10^5 , 10 % of them are are true engineers, that would mean 10,000 good quality passionate engineers.

Companies have mismanaged resources too. Great companies like TCs, Infosys, CTS, Wipro, Accenture have focused their energy to show more and more engineers to the world rather than to pick out few quality ones.

To select an engineer is like cutting an diamond, its only possible for a person who has eye for good engineering can spot a good engineer, and on this they fail. They show interest in numbers than quality. The bosses I interact with, I stress on rejecting people and identify those who are true engineers. Having true engineers and not people who work for money will solve 80% of managements problems. Just because a money lover is easily tamable compared to an engineer or an hacker, he should not be hired by a company.

I believe Indian companies would evolve, the big hierarchical inefficient architecture will give way to one where there are small groups of talented developers, having common culture, passion, interest. These developers will give a death blow to those braggers in Ukraine.

Its simple math, there are more skilled engineers in India than there are people in Ukraine itself. All we need to do is to find the right ones and make them interact with each other.

Ukraine cannot compete with India, their developers are not adaptable, they are relatively unskilled compared to our skilled developers / engineers and they cost a lot.


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