Can Tamils be as intelligent as Delhi people?

The AIADMK has won in Srirangam, but gossip has it that DMK paid Rs 500/- per vote wheras AIADMK gave Ra 3000/-. None would know the truth.

AAP has won in Delhi, it seems to be the least corrupt option available to us now. Plus its party funding is quiet transparent compared to others, if we ignore certain transactions. The things they got in 40 day + rule in Delhi are quiet good and I hoppe govment officials are afraid of a honest ruler and want to work perfectly.

Why isn’t AAP having a great grip on Taamilians? Tamils who have internet and use facebook and other stuff know about AAP and its functioning very well, but those who don’t?

We Tamils need to be better connected, better aware and talk about politics more. We need to how are parties are funded and how much of it is secret and why its secret? Its not just enough to drive away corrupt British from our land, its extremely important to drive away corrupt Indians as well. Skin color makes no difference. A corrupt is corrupt no matter what color (s)he is.

AAP workers should be vigilant. There is no guarantee that AAP will be be the least corrupt party in this nation, possibly its not even at this instance, the workers of the party must keep exposing the true source of their funding, if a funding cannot be traced they must investigate why and find out its source by all means.

I hope Tamils will realize that they have a option to elect some thing less corrupt that the *MK gang of assholes. I wish we Tamils were intelligent enough to recognize it.


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